Tuesday, November 16, 2021

a moonscape


i peer at the moon 

above the maple trees, glowing  

with light, waxing with near fullness

[i want to be her]

in the room, i continue my search 

for that missing 

family photo frame decades old,

misplaced red & festive jars

as if my tired hands are Christmas

lights, coaxing the warmth out 

of the cold winter night

my energies spent 


e-shopping carts empty


i sit

on the chair, 

turning to my comforts:

reading & writing

immersed in the fictional world

a phrase lingers

a word flares up

a poetic line shimmers with familiarity 

and behold,

my fingers are pressing the keys

& trying to capture the

tide's ebb and flow

[i spawn the ocean-

i paint moon flowers pure as snow-

i seed the red soil

with chameleon dust & sunflowers]-

there is a shock of silver, a falling 


& the certainty:

inside me, a universe

moving in rhythm

& ever 


Note:  I woke up early early morning to see a flash of a falling light outside the window, which I like to believe is a falling star.

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub:  Poetics:  Epiphany in the Time of Holiday with guest host - Dora.   The virtual pub doors open at 3pm EST.  

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  1. I liked the words "inside me, a universe,
    moving in rhythm"
    Well written G

  2. 'as if my tired hands are Christmas

    - an enchanting image! I get much comfort from reading during the long winter's nights too :-)

  3. Brilliant, Beautiful. Absolutely exquisite. So much love for this.

    “as if my tired hands are Christmas
    lights” ... crazy about that

    That whole last stanza—I am in awe.

  4. I do love the sense of weariness you describe being those ornaments until you manage to escape into that fictional world... and behold a falling star.

  5. Oh so lovely, Grace. I liked the transition from shallow consumerism to sudden stillness and finding the beauty in the moment.

  6. Many of us seem to be writing about the wearisome aspects of end of year festivities. I wonder why we carry on doing it.

  7. Real 'hands on' poetry...one really touches what you touched, mysterious, captivating beginning, about wanting to be the moon, and the mystery, of course, suddenly reappears...

  8. Grace, these lines are simply stunning:
    "[i spawn the ocean-

    i paint moon flowers pure as snow-

    i seed the red soil

    with chameleon dust & sunflowers]"

  9. Yes, I feel re-invigorated by your moon flowers and chameleon dust, Grace...appreciate this glimpse into the universe within.

  10. I call it shamanic, but this walk in the moony forest of language is the best revenge against and emptying world. When mouth and heart sing together with the world, this results. Magical.

  11. One of the beauties of being a poet is the ability to create an entire world out of whole cloth. It's a fine thing.

  12. Very nice Grace! The photo search is a really nice twist in your poem.

  13. I love and can totally relate to this:

    "i sit
    on the chair,
    turning to my comforts:
    reading & writing
    immersed in the fictional world"

    You could be describing me too, Grace :)

    -David [ben Alexander]

  14. i love the rhythm and images and the unique textures to the poem you sprinkled all over, Grace. I am with you in the immersing. :)

  15. Nicely done.
    "trying to capture the tide's ebb and flow"

  16. There is something majestic going on in the constellations these days. I've caught me a few shooting stars as well. So, I want to add to your belief of THAT which you saw being a shooting star, dear Grace. And that this poem came from that, how very lovely. What's that you said? Moon flowers, chameleon dust & sunflowers? exquisite. Lovely, all of it. Thanks.

  17. This is astonishing. What a wonderful interior journey.

  18. Your epiphany has the ability to move mountains .... cheers, Grace.

  19. This is something we can all identify with. Beautifully rendered, Grace.

  20. You alwas want to be someone else until you find yourself


  21. Your epiphany to move away from the commercial and immerse in the inner, sheer magic and appreciate your wording. Does feel like star and moon magic! Dora said it well.


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