Tuesday, July 13, 2021

no benches in this garden


her face is a red


her eyes are sky-


holding summer

with her hands -

reds, violets, pinks & yellow sun-


common & breezy, plucked 

   from the garden

not peonies-caped in neat rows

not blue ivy tended by gloved gardeners

nor rose-potted in wooden plant boxes

but from open field

along walking & biking trails

\\where seeds, grape leaves & herbs spring

escaping from botanical gardens//


bade her a {goodmorning} smile

drink in

her calmness

her happy strides

her weighlessness of cares

& walk towards

where she came from

there's plenty still

    to gather the wheatgrass & knot

wildflowers draping the field

    with worts, weeds & bugs

perfusing perfume:

    sunshine from birdsongs 

    & musk perfectly mulched from wasps

a harvest by creekside, until the sun 


                gold on 

                             my arms

Posted for the dVerse Poets Pub - Poetics:  Garden(ing) with Claudia Schoenfeld as our special host in celebration of the 10th  year anniversary of dVerse!  Come join us for a gardening treat at 3pm EST.  


  1. It makes me just want to breathe it all in...taking in the freedom of the wild garden growing just beyond the edge of the busyness of life.

    Her eyes are skylights
    The sun swearing gold on your skin
    Are def highlights of this write

  2. How wonderful to have a natural garden so close, I can almost feel how the wonders of wildflowers blend with the brave gardenflowers escaping from the boundaries of beds.

  3. This is incredibly stunning, Grace! I so love the idea of the sun sweating gold on arms 💝💝

  4. So beautifully vivid and refreshing!

  5. You have captured the abundance of garden, be it wild or cultivated. So beautiful Grace.

  6. oh i can feel that calmness and see the beauty. i love wild gardens so much - so much beauty and freedom

  7. I love your imagery here, especially
    ' until the sun


    gold on

    my arms'
    That's beautiful! I would love to spend time in this garden :-)

  8. Magnificent poem sharing of the wild cathedral we all inhabit.

  9. What a gorgeous poem, full of wonderful images. Sigh. Beautiful, Grace.

  10. Thank you for this. It’s perfect.

    This is my very favorite:
    “drink in
    her calmness”

  11. the wild flower garden is a beautiful site to see. I sometimes wonder who had the audacity to call wild plants "weeds".
    Great poem Grace!

  12. Oh beautiful. It makes me breathe deep and imagine the riotous freshness of it all.

  13. A poem of following examples which delights us into following example. Such gestures keep on giving. Well done -

  14. I love unplanned, natural gardens just as you describe.

  15. This is exquisite Grace .... Wild flowers are my favorites, finding them when/where you least expect to.

  16. Grace, how genuine, how free, how beautiful! This was an absolute joy to read!

  17. I really enjoyed the picture you painted and all those plant words. :)

  18. Love this. Beautifully done with the various senses. This is my favorite kind of garden too. I love biking through fields of wild flowers. Thank you for this gift of beauty.

  19. a perfect summer stroll, Grace ~

  20. Thank you for the stroll. I enjoyed it.

  21. Love the appreciation given to the flowers in wild surroundings. It is a blessing to be accorded their presence, Grace!


  22. your tender rolling of words felt like a calming lullaby to me, Grace <3


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