Monday, October 21, 2019

autumn burn

autumn leaves
darkening eyes, wind-curled blades 

on pathway, fallen from
maple trees

one by one
i tread with gratefulness 

i'll (always) remember how you 
torch the sky with brilliant orange hues

your rust-yellow fingers  
quivering with fire & sundust

my eyes are blinded 
by beauty

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Quadrille, hosted by De Jackson.   This is 44 word post with the given word, Quiver.  I have been spending time outdoors, enjoying our beautiful but short autumn season.   See you in the poetry trail.


  1. I love the amazing colors too, alas they are already coming to an end... there is such a quivering brilliance in that final gasp before winter.

  2. Stunning photo, Grace, and a gorgeous piece. I adore "torch the sky."

  3. Autumn does seem to blind one's eyes with beauty.

  4. Your quadrille is beautiful and kissed by autumn colours, Grace!

  5. Love how the title is refered to in the poem itself. I adore autumn...and oh yes....I love looking up through the leaves when the sun is shining, into the blue sky above and it really does make you squint ... and also just let out your breath in amazement at the beautiful colors you see!

  6. It is just starting to become autumn here with colored leaves. I love torch the sky. Indeed, the trees do seem to do that!

  7. Such a wonderful photo to go with your poem of thanks.

  8. The leaves sure can make a path and are vibrant indeed.

  9. Autumn does make one quiver standing in awe of it's beauty. That is a beautiful photo.

  10. Sundust! And what a photo - we must remember to look up!

  11. What a perfect photo to use for this color rich poem.

  12. I love the subtlty and evocative imagery in this one, Grace!


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