Tuesday, August 6, 2019

summer light

The gravel sand clacks under my shoes
I walk up the uneven road, wildflowers
astray with bees and butterflies sucking 
sweet fragrance under warm sun
Each floating seed, spinwheel 
of cotton dreams, I inhale 
   it all

The city's skyline is haze of grey
Against field of green pines
Chickadees flit, soft brown coats
as I color each falling petal
crinkled purple, pink and yellow
until I am sun-smudged, light 
    as air

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Purifying the Mind, hosted by Linda Lee Lyberg.  Thanks for the visit.


  1. Oh, I love this walk! And the phrase, 'until I was sun-smudged, light
    as air' is stunning!

  2. I like the contrasting description of the skyline against the pines.

  3. To feel part of the landscape is truly letting go.

  4. spinwheel - I love that. and to be light sun smudged and light as air. That is truly letting go of the filth in ones' mind. a lovely walk and way to get rid of it all.

  5. Your sensory images are immersed in a feeling of happiness. Very pleasant to read this, Grace.

  6. Sure a immersion of color as you stroll along.

  7. Refreshing, and definitely purifying.

  8. What a beautiful space your describe. A soul reenergized for sure.

  9. Your poem kisses all the senses, Grace, and I especially love ‘Each floating seed, spinwheel of cotton dreams’ and ‘I am sun-smudged, light as air’. A beautiful poem to start the day with!

  10. A joyful, cleansing walk, Grace...full of light, color, and fascinating creatures.

  11. A walk in the natural world is always meditation.

  12. Hi Grace, so nice to read you...this is a dreamy summer realm. I could live in this poem. Beautiful. - Jen

  13. Nature Ever Changing Complexities...
    No Concrete Records... Rivers Life Ever Changing...
    HiStory'S iLLusion Clothes of Culture... Life Present Flow

  14. I love this, Grace. I want to be sun-smudged!


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