Wednesday, June 26, 2019


The brightness of the sun
burns my eyes
sandpaper red
I bite on my anxiety
instead of bread
Midsummer comes
ailing me with despair
grey as storm clouds

Dusk came, full of moths
and beetles
I was oppressed by the velvety
gleam of moon
emptiness of the world
and swathes of soft grass
Then the silence of the night
lulled me to sleep

When I woke up,
I was covered by dewdrops,
smell of honeysuckle awakening
the hunger in me

“Darkness came, full of moths and beetles. I was oppressed by the velvety emptiness of the word and swathes of soft grass. Then the fumes of the night put me to sleep” (As I walked out one Midsummer morning)

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Literary Alchemy with Laura Lee, hosted by Laura Bloomsbury.


  1. Grace- this is filled with so many emotions, and the line about the 'smell of honeysuckle awakening the hunger in me' is stunning.

  2. I do love this... somehow I think that sleep and those dream cured your trepidation and moved you into that morning scent of honeysuckle ... if night only could have such an effect.

  3. The dreamscape sure can refresh like nature.

  4. a cauldron of emotions, expressed through natural images, where the light of hope comes. gauzy, like stumbling through a fog

  5. The intensity of the sun produces its own dreams...I like the movement from light to dark to light.

  6. "I bite on my anxiety instead of bread" conveys that gnawing feeling so well!

  7. This is beautifully crafted. Just lovely.


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