Thursday, May 2, 2019

One spring day

morning mist  
bridal veils of white   
rain hymns on my cheeks

skirt me emerald green
with thumbs so new
dewdrops slip from my crown-

robe me blue
deep shade of lake
pregnant with reverence

slipper this path-
dash of yellow tulips & whiff of
pink magnolias

and I'll spin

in the jar:
birdsongs, cotton stars
and sun-roasted spice

                                               Blue-eyed wild flower, Riverwood

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  1. All of the beauty and joy of spring is in this poem! Yay!

  2. I so much love the way you have verbed the nouns in this... this sounds like a queen being dressed by spring.

  3. Really an excellent job of verbing several noun; skirt can also be a verb--isn't English fun? I really like what Bjorn said about a queen being attired by Spring, like a hand maiden.

  4. Magical use of colours, Grace, and beautiful images. I especially enjoyed ‘bridal veils of white / rain hymns on my cheeks’ and ‘deep shade of lake / pregnant with reverence’. I could do with some of that sun-roasted spice!

  5. I like the side rhymes and love the stanza starting with "slipper this path..."

  6. Sounds like a good idea. A real spring dance.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Grace. Verbifying sublime!

  8. Nice lines: "robe me blue
    deep shade of lake"

  9. The beauty of spring, captured in one poem, like a faerie tale. One could that it happens, all the time.

  10. The perfect Spring day! How beautiful! I wonder if I will soon see one. If not, I still have your poem!

  11. The opening stanza is a fantastic and beautiful metaphor, and your choice of verbs is creative and memorable. I love this!

  12. Love the "rain hymns on my cheeks", Grace. This is spring in all her riotous glory, overwhelming the senses!

  13. Your images are wonderful... bridal veils of white and dew drops dripping of your crown...

  14. The beauty of spring, for sure, and nature is definitely pregnant this time of year, too! I love: "bridal veils of white
    rain hymns on my cheeks"

  15. I thought this poem was exquisite ❤️ I read it, and reread it several times and loved it more each time ��

  16. What a lush and lusty whitl of Spring you conjured up in this Grace... I loved thus read... WEEEEEEE!

  17. Spring days with bird song and new growth is a wonderful thing, indeed. Beautiful poem.


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