Thursday, April 25, 2019

the (un-fairy) bartender listens to

Prince Henry, glass-eyed
with fetish for feet
but his search for bride
is futile, his pride
lost, his friends would snide
He's love-struck moon-dyed

Cinderella, she
is happy as bee
as skipper on spree-
she crated to sea 
dreams - Prince Charming - he -
a past, her soul - free 

Stepsister, coiffed stiff
grumpy - date with quiff
She's Insta-belle, biff
with her is death gif
No balls, just a spiff
on Tinder, star-swish

(Note:  daisy- urban definition:  to be lame and act in a grandma like fashion)
Posted for dVerse Poetry Form:  Lai and Lai Nouveau.  
Also late post for dVerse Poetics: Myths and Legends, hosted by Anmol.  

Poetic form is Lai.   This is our next poetry form, including Lai Nouveau, which I will be hosting.

This basic form Lai,comprises of a five syllabled couplet followed by a two syllable line. The number of lines in each stanza is fixed at nine and the couplets must rhyme with each other, as the two syllable lines must also rhyme. In English this line is probably the most difficult part of the poem.

The Lai is a very old French form and tradition states that the short line must not be indented, it must be left dressed to the poem. This is known as Arbre Fourchu (Forked Tree) there is a pattern meant to be set up as a tree.

The number of lines in each stanza is fixed at nine. The number of stanzas is not fixed and each stanza has its own rhyme pattern. The rhyme pattern is... a. a. b. a. a. b. a. a. b. 


  1. This is a fun take on the Cinderella story, Grace. It never occurred to me that the Prince could have a foot fetish! I love the phrase ‘happy as bee

  2. I love all the updates to the Cinderella story as well as the different perspectives... poor little prince.

  3. This one is going to take some working at, I think. We're feeling our way very tentatively :)

  4. Four brave, sweet stanzas. I did five; silly me. Nice illustration of the new form, and adherence to the Myths prompt. I found two words for the two syllable lines worked better for me, but I admire your one word lines.

  5. Oh my, that stiff-coiffed quiff nearly knocked me out of my chair! BRAVO

  6. What a creative way to write this form. Three different fairy-tale perspectives and one bartender! Glass eyes, balls, and all!!

  7. I liked the description of the step sister as "Insta-belle".

  8. very clever and a lot of fun.....this form, I think, lends itself to a light touch! JIM

  9. Spicy, fun rhymes and narrative. Bouncy !!

  10. I like the whimsical image this creates. (K)

  11. A fun take on the Cinderella story Grace and I've learned a new meaning of 'daisy' ;o)

  12. Ah yes. A glass slipper would be just right for a foot fetishist. Ha.

  13. This was a fun and whimsical story, with just a single footprint of naughty. :)

  14. What fun! I love this retelling with its astute observation of these distinct personalities.
    Ah, I missed out on your link earlier. I am so glad that I found my way to this poem eventually. :-)


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