Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ten ways of looking at a leaf

I.      arrange me 
        on a moon-shaped plate-
        leaf-curled -
II.     empty of seed-pods
        the leaf 
        with still water
        withered to ground

III.     night wind whistles
         as blackbirds huddle 
         above city street lines- 
         not a leaf in sight-

IV.     a yellow leaf falls
         striped, puckered by frost - 
         followed by another leaf
         bright as milkweed butterfly -      

V.      the clouds are moving -
         like bees carrying all the green 
         porcupine leaves with woolly hairs

VI.     spin-dancing leaves
         call me
         i come over and join them
VII.    your kiss,
         soft as a pine leaf         
         budding of spring 

VIII.   your face,
         a leaf
         scented by sun
         against my palms   
         my whole world 

IX.     leaf by leaf
         our memories lay
         in tidy rows
         above the black moon 

X.      i walk under shadows
         of trees
         without leaves
         without ending 

Picture credit by :   Emily Blincoe

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Meeting the Bar, Hosted by Bjorn Rudberg ~ Inspired by poem of Wallace Stevens - Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird ~


  1. Yes, I knew you would nail the prompt... this is absolutely awesome... I love how my mind wonted to pin a narrative from part to part, and how much more is added by focusing on the leaves... the pictures go perfectly with the prompt-

  2. You just aced the prompt, Grace. I looked at Emily's images again, but could not find my muse, so had to resort to the inspirations within. You had me at the mention of black birds in stanza III. I loved the line /bright as milkweed butterfly/--overall (drum roll) one of your better efforts, really dug it.

  3. Fabulous word artistry Grace. Love the format and all the leafy perspectives. Excelkent work.

  4. Such imagery here, it's haunting. Lovely work.

  5. Oh Grace, this is wonderful. To get so much out of a single leaf, you have so nailed this challenge!

  6. Really splendid work Grace. Number V is my favorite but all the poems slip in and out of each other in a seamless whole.

  7. I liked the spin=dancing leaves in the sixth poem of the set.

  8. You totally rocked this prompt, Grace 💖 each set is as gorgeous as the last!

  9. The leaves sure dance and spread and spread a great one to be read.

  10. I loved the spin-dancing leaves that called to you, Grace. Your verses are all excellent. I also love Emily Blincoe's artwork...perfect for your inspiration.

  11. The whole world, a leaf. YES. I love where this took you. And I love that Wallace's blackbird made a small appearance. My throwback to him came as Crows. ;)

  12. These are wonderful, Grace. The leaf works so well for this prompt. I agree with Bjorn--this prompt is perfect for you.

  13. top ten ways of looking at a leaf. nice

  14. Really like how you end by walking under trees with no leaves..the absence stronger than the presence. Awesome.

  15. Love the image of dancing with the leaves!

  16. Lead on with our imagination
    the leaves which drift from you

  17. These are stunningly visual. Well done.

  18. Quite a beautiful set of leaf poems!

  19. Oh these are wonderful --- and blend with the arrangement prompt too. I especially love 4 and 7. A pine leaf kiss ..... And that milkweed butterfly!! Delectable!

  20. Beautiful photo and I enjoyed all the different ways!

  21. Quite the exploration of leaves, Grace. Much to ponder here!

  22. This is beautiful and wistful all at once... I think you nailed this prompt!

  23. the clouds are moving -
    like bees carrying all the green
    porcupine leaves with woolly hairs

    Love the above, Grace! It gives the contrast asked for while at the same time the relationship and connection is rightly maintained. Wonderful lines!


  24. oh Grace your still life leaf portraits are remarkable

  25. this just took my breath away. soooo beautiful. <3

  26. Amazing how there are many options to look at leaves.
    Oh, fall is here. Best time to do this is my opinion.


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