Tuesday, September 27, 2016

French fries (a stripper's dream)

Come on in & watch us
gyrate and shake our booty
all in line, chorus-style
to mashup song of hip hop & boogie 

For less than $1.89 (large size)
We will dance under frying oil
our make-up greasy
our stockings legs sassy

See how perfectly symmetrical
our faces are, how our bones are silted
with citric acid to preserve freshness-
all 500 calories of us-

i dream of scents- 
lavender soap and fresh disarray 
of legumes in soup 

Point, tap & click
We're your comfort company
Jiggling your miseries on a rainy day
With burger or chicken fillet combo
And with sugar-laced pop soda
We sate your hunger like a supernova-

Slurp, chump and burp-
We'll count the ways you love us-
Lay us down, piece by piece
On a brown bag or foam cup
Your thick smacking lips
greedy for ketchup french kiss-

i paint the skylight 
bare: billowing clouds and birds   
in fields of green 

Used with permission:  Emily Blincoe

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Arrangements by Emily Blincoe - Come join us when the pub opens at 3pm EST.   Thanks for the visit ~

The Poetic's theme is arrangements.   You can write about the experience of looking at the photos, or write about the scene or subject being depicted in the artwork.   You can also write in the voice of the object (e.g. stones, french fries, toothbrush) or write in the voice of the artist, or you can relate the work of the artist to something else that it reminds you of.


  1. This was so innovative... the lure of those fast food restaurant, it could be sex or drugs but they call us just the same... and sometimes I do love some french fries.

  2. The metaphor in this poem of yours is fantastic and so creatively well done.

    Fast food is a killer and gets us humans addicted. :)

  3. You pulled out all the stops on this one; giving us two for the price of one; especially dig both haiku. Writing to images always unleases squadrons of creative word smithing; thanks for the prompt.

    1. Glenn, I am deeply enamored of those "squadrons of creative word smithing." :)

  4. Oh they are some sassy fries, Grace. 'Greedy for ketchup french kiss'! I love the haiku asides - such a wonderful contrast.

  5. Oh, MY. You already had me, and then you did this:

    "i dream of scents-
    lavender soap and fresh disarray
    of legumes in soup"

    Somehow this brings a Tender Buttons moment, but also a visceral brilliance. So good.

  6. Gosh, I wondered what you were going to write about, given the title! I loved the idea of the French fries enticing us and luring us to our gastronomic fate like this!

  7. Love the haiku and senryu asides! Wonderful metaphor in this as well. So very good is this poem. You did arrangments proud!

  8. I like it very much! As a young person, I never liked french fries...but I do now!

  9. Surprising! What a great, fresh take on this image.

  10. haha all 500 calories of fast food can stay away from me. That was a fun one.

  11. Ooh this is such a delightful take on the prompt, Grace 💖 I love 'We're your comfort company.Jiggling your miseries on a rainy day with burger or chicken fillet combo and with sugar-laced pop soda' delicious write 💖

    Lots of love,

  12. Te metaphor in this is so, so well played

  13. Me no eat no fries ... maybe Donald does or Hillary ... Love, cat

  14. I loved the contrast of the sexy lure of french fries to the dreamy haiku. Witty and wonderful.

  15. what an alluring write!
    love the ketchup french kiss there at the end, witty!

  16. What a clever, clever extended metaphor there - the eternal lure of sex and fast food! Yes, they do look like can-can dancers all lined up like that...

  17. I like the chorus line reference ..and there has to be ketchup to with them. It's difficult to try to each just one, though, isn't it?

  18. Awesome poetry Grace. I have no idea how you can see such words in the pictures. Thanks for the prompt.

  19. You sure do bring out the sensual side of greasy fat food.

  20. We went the same direction on this one, Grace. But you wowed with a metaphor (while I merely stated the obvious)! I like the "asides" of " I dream" and "I paint".

  21. Big smile for this one. My imagination couldn't come up with anything for this one...yours sure did.


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