Thursday, January 19, 2012

On being productive

the arm trembles
the hand falters

in a second, or a minute,
fear and doubt creeps in.

the ball slides off
you miss the shot
even before it leaves your hand.

this is what happens
if you don’t practice your craft
or play on a regular basis.

you lose your touch,
and sense of rhythm.


everyday if you can.

even a short 5 minute writing
or composing a sentence will lead
into a verse or story.

in  touch with your spirit,
you will be more productive than ever.

Posted for Theme Thursday:   Prompt is produce
I was listening to my male officemates talk about sports and an athlete missing the shots or not catching the ball.   No matter how good you are, if you missed a game or didn't play in the field for some time, your play will not be as good as when you are playing all the time.      

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  1. lot of truth in loce your ability when you do not practice...if i could i would preach write every day...if you are a writer and dont write ...i dunno what that makes you...haha....

  2. So very true, even if crap comes due, just write every day. So far so good my way.

  3. Mmmmm...I dunno.
    When is the last time you rode a bike?
    I bet you could just hop on one and take right off!!!

  4. Yes, indeed. I so agree with this and so eloquently said too.

  5. I agree with the message mainly because I have experienced it. I had trouble writing when I took a long break of almost a month from my craft, as you say. But finally, I got a bit regular and more productive. Well written. :)

  6. Just a step each & every day & you can go from fissure to canyon.

  7. This is so true especially when it comes to roller skating. Once you have stopped for quite a few years, then you put the skates on get out on the rink and fall on your butt, get back up back on the butt. Someone has to hold your hand to get you off and you hold on to everything you can so as to not fall on your butt. So there is no way I am getting back on a bike. I might injure myself.

    I am so thankful that I write most days for to not write would be a sad thing.

    Thanks for sharing this with us over at Theme Thursday, it was cool.

    God bless.


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