Saturday, June 4, 2011

We are who we choose to be

This last week has been extraordinary for me.

Last Tuesday, I took my exam (Part 2) as part of my professional designation in my field.  I have been studying for the last weeks, so I hope I pass (and not pay the cost of the exam if I failed).   

Last Friday, I had my interview for a job post in Toronto I had earlier applied to.   It was an internal job posting within my company but I have been looking out for such an opportunity 2 years ago.    The interview went well but I don't know if I pass the simple math test.   I felt inadequate just thinking I failed it.   Why did I even apply in the first place? Let me see, a challenging job, bigger pay and career promotion.   No harm in trying remember?  

Oh well that is life.    You can't control the outcomes.   You can only do your best.     

And being my best involves learning new things, stretching myself and keeping my mind sharp.    

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.   What have you been up to?

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