Friday, March 25, 2011

Pulling Together

Today, our department had good news - our team hit our sales goal as of 4:00 pm.   When the manager shared with us the news, we all sighed in relief and shook hands as we celebrated yet another down to the wire finish.   Our top boss said he will treat everyone for lunch next week - yippee!  It feels great to be part of the winning team.

The past few days have been crazy as all of us push our sales cases, and had it issued.   Everyone in the department, sales and admin personnel, work together as if it was the last quarter end of the year.   It is amazing how the people in the team all pitch in and did their part, however small the cases.   Because all in all, when the numbers are added together, it all adds up to a total amount that we want to hit for the first quarter of the year.

This is beautiful video from Simple Truths on Pulling Together.

Simple Truths - We Hope You Enjoyed the movie!.

It reminds me that it takes a team of dedicated people, not just one person, to make it possible to reach a common goal. Communication, teamwork and daily accounting of where we are at, versus our goal, enabled our team to make it to the finish line.

So how did your  Friday end? Hope everyone has a good weekend~

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