Wednesday, March 23, 2011

360 Panoramic View

Don't you wish you have no blind spots specially when you are driving, and can have a wider perspective of where you are going? Unfortunately in life, we view situations and events thru a prism or paradigm, usually from our vantage point. It may be right or wrong, depending on how we see it and based on the limited information we have. It would be ideal to get different perspectives on things so we can see the whole picture before we make our decision. Sometimes seeing things or situations from another angle, can change our opinion or mind. Maybe this is the reason why hindsight is perfect 20/20 vision - we gain insights after it has happened. What may seem to be a negative situation, might turn out to be positive if we saw it differently or with a panoramic view.

Fortunately, in photography, there is a technology where we can view pictures in 360, up or down, sideways, and whichever way we want to see it. It is called panoramic photography or wide format photography.

As you know, I love looking at pictures specially landscapes and seascapes. A friend send me the link for viewing pictures at 360 angle, at all sides, up and down. It is really cool.

Now, it would be perfect if everything can be viewed this way.

Hope everyone is having a good day ~

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