Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nutty over this fruit

                                                             Dragon Fruit

Have you tasted this food?  
Dragon fruit
One with pink scales & pulp like grits  
Split it
The taste is a sweet kiwi & melon
Grab a spoon 
It's crunchy as nuts on cool afternoon
Imagine a strawberry pear
With tiny black seeds on skin so fair 
Dragon fruit, split it, (then) grab a spoon! 

Written for Poets United - Food, hosted by Sumana and  D'verse Poets Pub - Ovillejo, hosted by De Jackson ~ I am trying my hand in this form, which is a ten line verse.

Basically, broken down line by line, you’re looking at (aa bb cc cddc): 
1. A longish line.
2. A shorter line that rhymes with line 1, and will become the beginning of line 10.
3. A longish line. 
4. A shorter line that rhymes with line 3, and becomes the middle of line 10. 
5. A longish line.
6. A shorter line that rhymes with line 5, and becomes the end of line 10.
7. A longish line that rhymes with line 5. 
8. A longish line. 
9. A longish line that rhymes with line 8. 
10. Line 10 combines lines 2, 4 and 6, verbatim, into a complete thought.

Check out the full article later when the pub opens at 3pm EST ~  Thanks for the visit ~


  1. Sounds out of this world, as if fantastic, but I gather from the picture that this actually exists. The taste of the form on my tongue is delicious as well. I'll have to try it. I've hesitated lately to come to dVerse and the Garden as I haven't the energy to read so many poems I cut way back on both writing and reading to get more sleep. I hope to fully recover by midyear.

  2. Yes, I have tasted dragon fruit. But not for a few years now. It definitely is delicious. Nice 'Ovillejo.'

  3. I love the form..most of all i love the feast - it sounds like a magical and sweet fruit to be nutty about!

  4. aha...what a beauty!!..i don't think it's found in our country...sigh...sigh..and an interesting form too :)

  5. Such an intriguing form :D love this :D

  6. I think I have tasted it a few times... it's taste and form is wonderful, just as your poem... I liked this form a lot.

  7. Sounds like it is well worth a taste and won't go to waste.

  8. Well done. Never tasted the fruit.

  9. The fruit & I have never crossed paths, but your use of this form is stellar.

  10. What fun! I love your use of slant rhyme in this delicious piece. I think slants work so well for this form, making the rhythm less obvious, and therefore smoother to the ear. Like that fruit, on the tongue. Have only tasted it once, and am now craving it! :)

  11. I love Dragon Fruit. Ate them all the time when I lived in Hong Kong!

  12. Love dragon fruit, especially when I'm in Hawaii. :) Love the picture to go with the poem. Peace, Linda

  13. I now hope to eat one after reading your delightful poem.

  14. very cute -- loved the parenthetic
    love dragon pearl fruit

  15. There's also a red pulp variety just as sweet! Apparently the flowers make good soup and the stalks can be sliced into salad pieces like cucumber. Will try out the form, yes!


  16. I have not tried Dragon Fruit but, you make is sound delicious.

  17. and you succeeded brilliantly, Grace. I want to taste that fruit!

  18. this was a tasty treat!

  19. Great use of the form, with slant rhyme, very clever! And I too love the dragon fruit, had plenty of it on my trip to China.

  20. I have indeed tasted this beautiful fruit! And this is a beautiful example of the form. Love it! Very fun and easy to read plus really describes the tasty experience. Well done!

  21. I've never tasted Dragon fruit but your wonderful description made me want to try it. You did a great job with this tricky little form, Grace!

  22. It takes talent, Grace, to write a fine poem about a piece of fruit, exotic or not.

  23. This is fun. A poetic instructional on the dragon fruit :-)

  24. Dragon Fruit
    Bitter reptile's
    oh.. contradictions
    of daRk and liGht
    tasty iN deed..:)

  25. cool. I couldn't wrap my head around De's prompt but you did it sweetly ~

  26. I have not tried it, but your description inspires me to.

  27. I like short verse so the form seems like a winner. The dragon fruit delectable...


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