Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Perhaps and maybes

This coming June 25, we would be 6 years in Canada.    A lot things have happened when we first landed here, carrying our hopes and dreams for a better life for my children, and for my husband and myself.

We have survived the challenges that any immigrant faces - the bitter and cold winter months,  employment, jobs, passing the tests,  schools, taxes, home and just about finding our spot in this big and wonderful country.   We are now citizens and holding a Canadian passport which makes travelling a little bit easier.   

Sometimes, my family and I would think about what life could have been, if we have not migrated.   My children were pampered and spoiled before, and never worked a day in their lives.  During the past years, my older children quickly grew up - working and studying at the same time, and learned to stand on their own.  My husband and I had a tougher time adjusting to the work environment but we also quickly "grew up".    There are some things we can do better, and there are some things we just have to accept.

Who knows what life could have been?   Maybe it would have been better, maybe it would have been worse if we did not move to Canada.    I don't know until now if we have made the right decision to burn our bridges, and just start anew in this country.   Because even if we have adjusted in Canada, there is nothing quite the feeling of home and belonging to one's native Motherland.   But I do know this -  I have no regrets being in Canada.   Though we continue to have our challenges,  we are blessed with so many things specially our children.   And for this, I am always thankful that we are where we are supposed to be -  together and enjoying God's blessings.

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