Tuesday, May 9, 2023

while you were sleeping


Give me your feverish thoughts

Mothballed & hand-stitched in grey

A cabin, circled by oak trees

The twilight sky on summer's day

Wheat field is warm as amber  

The roar of wind, hoots by owls

I will bottle it up with moss

And set it to sail at midnight

New moon is a goddess 

And stars are glowing fireflies

I watch it adrift on waves

As if time is a standstill, much

Like you, sleeping as a baby

The past clings to you, blanket

Where will the bottle go, I wonder 

There are no maps & shores to keep

Where will it land with no compass

Who will open it with excitement

Whose heart belongs amongst wildflowers

Or with questions, whose mind dwells

On clouds, or maybe it will be


Awakening, with eyes of child

You can recall 

Where you had put away 

the pen, that magical pen

Where you drew all your flights with joy

Chorus of birds sang with you all the way

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Poetics - Slipping into Surreal Photography with Erik Johannson, hosted by Mish.   Join us for this wonderful prompt starting at 3pm EST.


  1. The direct address in the title drew me in before I even read the opening lines, Grace, and then you amazed me with the colourful phrases: ‘thoughts /
    Mothballed & hand-stitched in grey’ and ‘Wheat field is warm as amber’. A magical, bed-time story of a poem.

  2. I love the way this poem explores the image, a real journey through enchantment.

  3. So many beautiful, magical lines, Grace! Love it.

  4. Oh I can feel the gentle sway of this bottle of thoughts, journeying to others or back to where they began...to remember and cherish. So beautiful this is....

  5. "Give me your feverish thoughts
    Mothballed & hand-stitched in grey"
    Your start up lines drew me in. There is no way i wouldn't read on


  6. Very well done, Grace! The eyes of a child still lurk within all of us it seems

  7. I feel like this message needs to be sealed into the bottle before it sets sail. Imagine being the person who opens it...

  8. Great poem to go with this artwork.

  9. This reads like a magical dream. I don't see mothballed used in poems much so that was an added delight. We have to keep a hold of that magical pen - always, my friend.

  10. It is always a wonder when the magic pen gets into action upon getting up again. We can't anticipate the number of poems that will be created but there will be. Love it Grace!


  11. There is a feeling of wave motion in this poem - well done!

  12. Great response to a great image. Even just a message in a bottle represents another world.

  13. Love the image you chose Grace. Excellent poem as well my friend. Love the magic in this piece. Very alluring.

  14. “Like you, sleeping as a baby

    The past clings to you, blanket”



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