Tuesday, May 23, 2023

the ArC


the spring weather is a contradiction

of hazy sun with a dirty glass sky

smeary, smoggy, soggy but also sparkly

just like myself when I pass by a mirror wall

what you see is blurry & opaque outline

what you don't see is the toil & tedious work

welding myself with heat, friction and iron

when there is no preset or map to follow

there is no certainty that I will be a whole canvas

or even a completed chapter of a novel

but I am making small steps to overcome my addictions

my doubts and yes my contradictions

Note:  poem inspired by Thorvald Hellesen

“Portrait of Mary Alice Eckbo” painted in 1914

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  1. I love how you focused on those colors that is also a mirror of a feeble spring day... interesting that we both wrote from a first person perspective to those pictures

  2. I love that idea of passing by the mirror and talking about what you see and don't see....and so interesting to here this portrait "speak" through your words in the first person! I enjoyed this very much!

  3. We chose the same image, Grace, and I know I have said this before, but I am always amazed at the different ways one image inspires different poets. I love the list of three ‘smeary, smoggy, soggy’, and the lines:
    ‘what you see is blurry & opaque outline
    what you don't see is the toil & tedious work’.

  4. "there is no certainty that I will be a whole canvas," ... sigh! This is such an incredibly deep and moving write, Grace! 💖💖

  5. Grace, you captured the ambiguity of the painting very well, that it is beginning to look human but has a ways to go.

  6. A great take on the painting, Grace. It is much like our lives, pieces fit together and blurred from all that is going on.

  7. I like your "contradictions" and "addictions" usage to portray your writer's mood and feelings. Could developed burnout like mine. Go wild.

  8. I chose this portrait too. I love all that you read into it.

  9. I love this: sky smeary, smoggy, soggy but also sparkly. Such a perfect description.

  10. Love how you weaved the flatness of cubism into her story of looking beyond the facade and striving for change.

  11. You are ~~ the canvas and the novel.

  12. I like how you picked up on the unfinished aspect of the painting, like a like unachieved.

  13. I like the inspiration you drew here Grace — an effective snd well written piece my friend. 🙂👍🏼✌🏼

  14. I like the "broken" feel of the poet's words

  15. What you don't see - speaks to me directly

  16. I love the “dirty glass sky”❤️


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