Tuesday, July 19, 2022

a fraction of infinity

in a bunch

a fraction of the skin

of yellow bananas

turns speckling brown spots

ripening in haste,

multiplying in shades

darkening over the days in platter

as freckles on my cheeks

(visible patterns)

tiny as spiralling dots

(not as wild as sunflower seeds)

as crow's feet & wrinkles under my eyes

(growing webbed lines, creased by wind-)

burn under summer sun

(infinity plays in my mind)

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Poetics - Fractuals, hosted by Lisa Fox.  My post was inspired by looking at the bananas, which is ripening so fast in summer.

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  1. Grace, I love the intimacy of your poem and how you formatted it. Such luscious details of the decay found in infinity, one fraction at a time. <3

  2. I really understood the parallels as the pidm grew....how true, how so very true...stunning verse....

  3. Infinity has many faces, indeed! Beautifully portrayed!

  4. Bravo. Nice one. Luv the juxtapositions


  5. Lovely use of the prompt theme. :)

  6. Freckled fractals! Love it, Grace.

  7. Infinity played in my mind after reading this. Brilliant job.

  8. A wonderful expression of each common object to create a sense of the overall pattern of life!


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