Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Summer Meadow

the morning mist rolls away
budding blooms & sage leaves sway
summer blends the sky soft griege
painting everything so new:

field of violets, vulgar & vicacious
startled eyes of deers, clear as raindrop
meet our city's rust, filling the shadows
of our sadness & grief, time slows

our footprints fade amidst the wort 
our words mingle with wild flowers 
we discovered our peace & backs
in the silence of wayward tracks

we inhale the growing heat, blessed
that we have found a moment of rest

 by Carl Zimmerman, Deer in the Summer Meadow

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub- Sun, Sand, Storms and Celebrations:  Summer Ekphrastic, hosted by Merril D. Smith.  Join us when the virtual pub doors open doors open at 3pm EST.


  1. Love the first line....that you included sage and violets, footprints and wildflowers. Use of the words "our" and "we" have me right there. A delightful scene to be included in!

  2. No idea why I'm showing up as anonymous....it's Lillian here :)

  3. Oh, Grace. This is so beautiful. It filled me with such a sense of peace!

  4. gorgeous Grace - "blooms & sage leaves sway" I can smell them too

  5. So wonderful... I can really see how much the last line resonates with me... that rest so much needed.

  6. i can smell the sage and feel the suns warmth as i fall into your poem.

  7. A beautiful sunny day here (in Nova Scotia) too and My Beloved Sandra ad I pulled over and stopped (no other vehicles in sight) to watch a small group (herd?) of maybe 10-12 deer cross the empty road from one heavily forested side to the other. One or two of them looked in our direction quizzically as if to say, "What the HELL are You doing way out HERE in nowheresville?

  8. Natures seems to be the only reprieve these days. Well done, Grace.

  9. So musical! Full of rhymes and alliteration creating a lovely melody.

  10. Nice one. Luv all the descriptions of the scenery. "field of violets, vulgar & vicacious"


  11. Lovely! I love the random rhymes too, like a ramble across a hillside, and unexpected discoveries.

  12. I like the contrast of city's rust with the natural world. It feels that way sometimes!

  13. I also find a lovely moment of rest here, Grace, among the deer and violets...never thought of them as "vulgar" but fits the excess of shocking purple :D

  14. Beautiful evocation of summer - felt wonderful to be steeped in it.

  15. Oh Grace, this was so peaceful, so serene. Just lovely.

  16. Love those vibrant v's and the silence of wayward tracks.


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