Tuesday, December 14, 2021

A pill for amentalio in winter


between the hours of mid-

night and dawn,

sad thoughts float in the etherness

between the lines of stories

sentiments surge with violet beats

tiding low, a murmuration

of black birds skimming 

just above the dotted water line

i am caught in kenopsia, weathered

wings in stillness

my tongue tied in heartspur of

ticking white clock

i drift into a starlone of fathomless

quietude, a cycle of dreaming

and undreaming-

i am nameless, ageless

convinced that i am swirling

into lisolia limbo

shrugging away craxis of pixelled

gravity screens & instant gratification from


between light and darkness

make this wave in my mind

a weave with the universe

a thread to break away from aphasia

a matter to soothe the aftergloom

that even with my excelled tinselled fingers,

i can still long to be that comet

hurling headlong in blazing dust

[to where]

a heartmoor

i know it is there

its there

[we are here]

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Poetics:  The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, hosted by Linda Lee Lyberg.   Join us when the pub doors open at 3pm EST.


  1. 'sentiments surge with violet beats

    tiding low, a murmuration

    of black birds skimming

    just above the dotted water line'

    - So beautiful, Grace. And you did a great job of weaving in so many of those obscure sorrows.

  2. I love what you did with the words... and how you let the melancholia ending in a sense of hope... I know you can find it.

  3. Grace- this is absolutely stunning! You have created an ethereal place rife with emotions.

  4. Wow....those words just flowed in...really powerful..I know it is there...its there....beautiful

  5. This is gorgeously rendered, Grace!💝 I especially love; "I drift into a starlone of fathomless quietude, a cycle of dreaming and undreaming."

  6. An intense constellation of emotions, Grace.

  7. Gossamer sweetness even if the fake words keep sticking out.

  8. So beautifully atmospheric. At once, an admission of quiet grief, and a rallying cry against it. & how wonderfully you used all of the words!

    I'm undone! 😀

  9. This is exquisite, Grace.

    Much love,
    David [ben Alexander]

  10. i really felt the melancholy of the ending.

  11. The invented words give it an enigmatic sense, impossible to know whether we've got the intended emotion, but that's part of the beauty of the sound.

  12. I love

    "i can still long to be that comet

    hurling headlong in blazing dust"

  13. Gorgeous, Grace! I got carried away in the ebb and flow of your words and then blasted off into space with that comet! I love the final stanza especially :-)

  14. You capture and refine my own current mood with this, Grace. The first and second stanzas blew me away..so many delicate, floating images that evoke a mood of unmoored ideas lost in a dream, feelings that wander in a limbo they can't break free from..and so the whole poem. The end especially is inexpressibly poignant.

  15. “between light and darkness/make this wave in my mind/a weave with the universe”: these lines crystallized for me the melancholia in a way that is beyond words ironically, given the prompt. Pure poetry with its own evocative logic, so effortless and smooth. Then the blazing comet of hope at the end. I love it, Grace.

  16. Between midnight and dawn and between the lines of stories...wow! Superb!

  17. Fantastic use of so many of the words given. And the imagery stunning. I luv the echis of Decartes to end


  18. Your blackbirds have me longing for, dreaming of, HOME!

  19. a cornucopia of a poem, Grace. hope you are well ~

  20. All the magic words of longing. Winter is always a between time.

  21. Well done, and seemingly effortlessly.


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