Tuesday, June 23, 2020


between the sea and shoreline
white foam of blue waves echo

ocean's murmurings to the sky
shells open & birds with new

wings venture to taste the brine
above the reef in blue-green lake

here, death is clawing at each breath
here, life is rising under rocks & bones

a mermaid's wild tales
of missing treasures, sunken ships, lost

cities, treasures & jewelries makes
my head spin 

what secrets the ocean keeps in its 
darkness (we may never know)

but this I know

I stretch my hands outward as horizon
quivers, shimmers with coral pink sun

I am the siren,
I am the song
as the storm rises on my tongue

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Hosed by De Jackson, Sounding the Siren.

Please join us when the pub doors open at 3pm EST.   Also dVerse will be on summer hiatus for 2 weeks after our OLN on June 25th and we will reopen on July 13, 2020.


  1. Stunning, Grace! I love the way you set the scene with the ‘white foam of blue waves echo’ and ‘ocean's murmurings to the sky’, with the undertones of danger in ‘death is clawing at each breath’, and then the shift to the ‘mermaid's wild tales’. The ending is like a crescendo with the coral pink sun and the storm rising on the siren’s tongue.

  2. Loving this and most especially that final stanza of affirmation. Especially "I am the song"

  3. I love how you calls us to the sea... I need a mast to tie myself. you temp me with the mermaid's tales.

  4. I like the ambiguity of this, is she or isn't she? Or can she be a mermaid if she wants it hard enough?

  5. This is so beautiful--and magical.

  6. To sing with the sea is magic.

  7. Written by someone who truly loves the sea. I love that last stanza "I am the siren, I am the song". Wonderful!

  8. I love how you describe the beauty and power of the ocean and then taken it into yourself.

  9. Oh, Grace. These last lines are particularly stunning:
    "I am the siren,
    I am the song
    as the storm rises on my tongue"


  10. The siren has a powerful voice and song...sing on...

  11. … as the storm rises on my tongue! Don't be fooled by the calm exterior. Well done Grace.

  12. Oh! wow , to find he ocean inside of us and to sing that song, so enchanting!!

  13. I'm glad you haven't forgotten how dangerous mermaids can be. Real power here.


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