Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Poet's Rhapsody


A poem is a raindrop in mid-
                                          dle of my run-
ning thoughts, a riddle at
                                       tip of my tongue-
                    a symphony of fleeting words-
a flash of white wings above trees-


A poem is you
                       between heart-
      -core, mantle, skin  -
                       shadowing move-
I run
Not to trap you in the page  
But hurl you back
                       to starless & moonless


A poem is roar
               sound searching in its intensity
                                 amplifying thunder run
               reaching climax
only my ears 

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - MTB Ars Poetica, hosted by Paul John Dear.   Please join us when the pub doors open at 3pm EST.  Thanks for the visit.


  1. Oh have such a way with words and line breaks....three beautiful definitions here. Smiling at the "riddle on the tip of my tongue."

  2. I like the riddle on the tip of my tongue too, sometimes that is how they start an overheard snippet of conversation a brief sound in the buzz of a busy morning....

  3. I like these lines: "Not to trap you in the page
    But hurl you back
    to starless & moonless
    sky" It is good not to be trapped on a page.

  4. I love this so much. The feel is sublime and the line breaks masterful. It amazes me how you weave words the way you do Grace. I would know a poem of yours anywhere.Just filled with beauty and of course Grace.

  5. I'm glad you often number stanzas in poems, Grace. It adds to the structure, especially when a poem includes radical line breaks and white space, which I find so effective in your writing. I love the opening lines, especially the 'symphony of fleeting words- a flash of white wings above trees' and the wonderful wordplay in:
    'A poem is roar
    sound searching in its intensity'.

  6. These things are so fragile and delicate. Run or you'll lose it. I can see what you mean.

  7. Sure goes and then roars away, keep on at it at your bay.

  8. "Not to trap you in the page / But hurl you back / to starless & moonless" -- wonderful!

  9. I followed the trajectory of your poem (about a poem) to that wonderful release of the last line. Bravo!

  10. PoeTry A SoUL
    iNk BLoT

  11. Grace, I have loved your work for so long, but I think this is my favorite of yours. The form is perfection and it stretches across the page and the mind in a marvelous, expanding way.

  12. A poem is... Your three ... not definitions, but stitches of colored (multi-colored) thread that taken as a whole depict not poetry, but the poet's heart and soul. Lovely!

  13. Yep this one's a beaut. Stanza III leaves me breathless - liked so much the word play of 'roar' - as in "Poem is roar" - as the whole stanza roars along to its climax - and then that quiet intimate last line. So good.

  14. Yes, all that you say, and more!!

  15. I liked your description of a poem being you...with core mantle and skin... very nice imagery

  16. You have captured a live, living thing. It's running, roaring, beating and dropping like rain from heaven.

  17. Grace, simply beautiful.. your words inspire me, and your imagery...

  18. Poetry is a living thing, you have painted this so beautifully here :-)

  19. The father, son, Holy Spirit of poetry! It is all those things. And as believers relate to one usually over the other two, I am inclined toward the thunderous roar!


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