Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Crashing waves & rebellion

The sound isn't sweet murmurings
It is coarse with passion
Loud, booming bass
Shrill, cawing of black birds

An alarm raised
By night watchers
A giant beam of light
By tower guards

Towards other ships
Encroaching your land & peace
Towards tyrants & traitors 
Wrecking havoc on your country

It is a roar of sea storm,
bleached by oil and chemicals
It is the heartbeats
of a million slayed elephants

for the love of earth
for the love of country
of mother towards children
erred of ways, unrepentant

It's not silent hymn of tears
But a cacophony of broken heart

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Hosted by Walter  Wojtanik, Sound of Love.   I wrote from an activist point of view having watched people demonstrations against governments, and documentary on slaying of elephants. 


  1. I do love this activist love... the anger we can feel on behalf of our loved soil... of the slayed elephant and the spilling of oil... somehow love expressed in big letters becomes so much stronger

  2. So very true. Our love of country, loved ones - protecting them. a cacophony of broken heart...so very true.

  3. This poem is so powerful, Grace, from beginning to end. I love it!

  4. Heartbreaking, truly. I love this take, Grace.

  5. i suppose it startED witH stoRing gRains..
    then owning humans with paper work..
    and owning even more than earth
    until Lust and
    Love fore
    into an owning gAMe..
    of taKing
    more than
    Free.. oh.. A
    deaTh oF Love
    for NatUre and God sAMe..
    in silos of destruction to come..
    hope IS A LovE noW
    giVe and time share uP..:)

  6. I am so truly overwhelmed by the emotion and depth in this poem. Really beautiful work here, Grace.

    Lots of love,

  7. Wow, such power in these words!

  8. the hate, the anger wrapped between the beautiful lines is just breathtakingly powerful. :)

  9. Heartbreaking and beautiful. Such powerful and wise words, Grace.

  10. What can I add to what others have said? You capture so well the state of being of the world as we know it now. I only hope it is not hopeless...if everyone would change a little?

  11. This is so very powerful. The final couplet is gutwrenching. A broader sense of the word "love" than most folks have written about (I started backwards on the list in my reading this morning). There is a broader love that is threatened by so much these days. Would that somehow, we could stem the tide of danger, hatred, and desecration of the earth. Powerful words you've shared indeed.

  12. The $$$ wins out in the end it seems, the greedy screw it up for the rest.

  13. I lived close to the ocean once, friend Grace ... water level to reach land was 1 meter during high tide ... water level in my basement 1 meter during a storm ... SOLD and OUT OF THERE ... Love, cat.

    1. I do appreciate the real meaning of your poem as well ... smiles.

  14. Grace, so powerful, so affecting, especially the heartbeats of a million slayed elephants....."the cacophony of broken hearts is what it is, for sure..........the entire earth is grieving.

  15. "It's not silent hymn of tears
    But a cacophony of broken heart"

    I'm really feeling these lines today.

  16. Beautiful, powerful and heartbreaking. Well painted. Appreciate this.

  17. So powerful, and heartbreaking. Wonderful imagery here.

  18. dark passionate and onomatopoeic - so strong Grace and your allusions are unique and striking. What a woman!

  19. Painful and beautiful...or perhaps beautifully painful...


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