Thursday, June 26, 2014

A state of mind

                               Dada is a state of mind” Spread from Fluxion Issue 4
                                featuring the work of LA artist and filmmaker Dennis Woodruff.

Just a veil 
windshield on my crown, I
am kissing a place full of mistakes 
dozen steps behind
my butt 
Missing my shoes 
bridal stained,  there it is-
Without spectacular start up
My mind latching
into another 
Must be no justice 
no little teeth 
Wilting //
              Whizzing //
Aboard, I 
To feathers belching.
Beehives gab like rainy rain.
The flower runs, a noisy car  
Fake summer,
Sway to the
Gown flying, cutting the hands of mannequin;
I am my wreath;
I'm missing legs
& lips 
& street life hell deep from mannequin so blue;
& fire backstabbing walls
& tithe, dis//
                            nected thoughts//
The bus on frozen superhighway  
on graffiti mission for miles & miles
Impossible when
the shark reverses like dead sea.
There's no lamp sweeping of years 
Angel i //

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Dadaism - I wrote randomly and added random poems and placed it in a DADA poem generator.  I edited it for smoother flow.

Picture credit:   here


  1. kissing a place full of mistakes/you....ha...nice...feathers belching...ha...
    this was really when you break into the & toward the end too...
    had not seen that generator...i need to play a bit...smiles.

  2. This is a really cool piece, Grace. The mannequin reference is intriguing.....actually, it is all intriguing.......

  3. haha...that is a cool idea with that generator... some cool and funny images in this grace

  4. Well, you have got my head spinning with this one, Grace! I feel like I have been on a 'graffiti mission.' Smiles.

  5. Wow! I am impressed at the process and the result. I did not know there was such a thing as a dada poem generator.

  6. Very cool. I have to look at that Dada generator thing. Too bad I didn't know about it for the prompt. Maybe I'll link it in comments. Disconnect is a key in this.

  7. No cyber-cloning mechanical generator to help this old poet, but Dada is not dead, that's for damn sure. You snagged me at /belching feathers/bee hive gabfests/ & fire backstabbing walls/ you gave us joyous whimsical flights today, thanks.

  8. a dada poem generator? holy smokes. I like the line "i am my own wreath" ~

  9. I saw that generator. Just like DaDa to let a machine do the writing. But, hey, you got that kiss in there and lots of senses too, so I knew it was you. Horrors.

  10. Cool poem - however you came to it. Presented wild images in disarray - exactly the point as I understand it.

  11. A noisy car running a flower is a must on the superhighway.. .really loved the flow of your words here.

  12. I love the first lines, Grace, and "fake summer"...and the ending is divinely sad..or sadly divine>>

  13. 'kissing a place full of mistakes' - sublime. What a great piece, Grace!

  14. A fake summer would be bad, such stabbing, that mannequin had to be mad haha

  15. Your imagination always continues to evolve into many places in the universe.

    This poem is awesome! and incredible. :)

  16. I love kissing a place full of mistakes, mind latching onto another. A thoughful patchwork of intrigue and images.

  17. Cool and lovely Grace, always I love yours poems:)

  18. This is crazy awesome. I loved every word, especially these:

    am kissing a place full of mistakes

    "Must be no justice
    no little teeth

    "To feathers belching.
    Beehives gab like rainy rain."

    "I am my wreath"

    "street life hell deep from mannequin so blue"

    Most people don't like this "form" because it seems to not make sense. But think about it: Amidst all the craziness, you made the profound statement, "I am my wreath." If that is the whole point of your point, hidden under what seems like nonsense, then you've passed along a lot of wisdom. What does a wreath do? It decorates, adorns, makes festive. So if we rely on outside things to do this for us, we will never attain true beauty and inner peace. But if we rest in the fact that we ourselves, our inward spirits, are our outward adornments, then we've learned a vital lesson. To me, that is what Dada, or nonsense poetry, is about ... hiding something profoundly wise and deep in the middle of silliness.

    1. The whole "point of your poem," not "point of your point." :)

    2. Thank you for your lovely response ~ Some credit goes to the dada poem generator, smiles ~

  19. Wow... this works so well... holds together a strong thread.

  20. I had no idea there was such a thing as a dada poem generator - thanks for making me aware of it! But the stuff that comes out is only as good as the stuff you put in - so credit to you!

  21. very nice picture of sounds..making sense at the same time..loved it:)

  22. That was very interesting, and finding the sense made great reading.

  23. I love your broken lines here-especially the disconnect- I almost don't know what to say it's so cool-the whizzing, the spinning-dadaism is super fun-no limbs to complain :)

  24. i am smiling at a dada poem generator ...'I am my wreath;' draws my whole mind to it...a beautiful poem Grace :)

  25. liked the flow in this, Grace - the final lines -' Angel i...' I particularly liked - K

  26. Kissing a place full of mistakes... lovely. Just lovely. For me, it's hard to appreciate abstract forms like this. It's difficult for me to make the mental leap sometimes. But to me, it feels like the totality of your poem orbits the line above and gives me a compass to appreciate this stellar poem. Really well done.

  27. Gets to be running around. That's where the fun is in Dadaism. Great write Grace!


  28. Feathers that is an amazing image! Amazing Dadaism poem Grace!

  29. I hate it when sharks reverse the dead sea :-) Great fun in this piece!

  30. I relly enjoyed reading this. I love how you use writing symbols and punctuation to create breaks!

  31. Kissing a place full of mistakes - will be good if it is like a mother kissing a child's wound to make everything.

    I like the images her particularly those you drew in the second stanza. They do look like a Picasso painting in words. :-)

  32. There is a DADA Poem Generator? Who knew?! I am positive your polishing what was generated is what made this so freaking amazing. It is an amazing ekphrasis of the image. The line about the beehive made me sad, as we have had four mass bee die-offs in our area in the last week, as a result of tree-sprayers (and likely clueless homeowners) using an insecticide with ingredients that kill bees. I like your image so much better.


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