Thursday, December 27, 2012

of Christmas cards

                                                              Grace @ Everyday Amazing 

Dec. 21, 2012

you sit daintily on top of office shelf
cocooned in mittens, scarves and boots
in someone else's cube, you hang like
falling pine tree in mid-flight, pinned
on sides & belly, without leaves & blooms

you throw snow pines, wet of colors -
red, pink, green & teal on walls
warming the office,  grey
and dusty of statistics & files
which do not bother you one bit

for under the rectangular lights,
handwritten words leap
like burnt logs on cold winter day,  
re-writing the cliches of printed lines

giving pause -
and for a moment, I pause too -

Dec. 27, 2012

you fold neatly into white card
creased tight in bright bows & bells
burrowed with messages & smiles
to last you for the next 360 days  

empty wrappers & tags are filed for trash
new files & numbers are going up the board
the office hum is now a familiar refrain
quite different from festive carols but
these sounds do not faze you one bit

you had a front seat view to all
the merrymaking & good wishes,
cakes & chocolates passed around 
like carousel & even by Santa Claus himself -  

I index you under Cheers
a reminder of all things warm & lined with hope

Grace @ Everyday Amazing

Posted for:   D'verse Poets Pub - Post-modern experimental - hosted by Anna Montgomery.
This is a snapshot of two working days - before and after Christmas.   

I went to work today and decided to clear my office of Christmas stuff.  I don't  throw away the cards though but file them in my drawer.      


  1. Nice, Grace. I especially like the ending line. I keep most of our Christmas cards and other special greeting cards in a pretty box. Happy New Year :)

    1. Thank you Loredana ~ Happy New Year too ~

  2. A wonder tribute to the decor. Interesting. Did you see Ted Kooser's poem (sorry, I can't find a link, so I copy it for you) -- Your poem reminded me a bit of it. A bit.

    Christmas Mail

    Cards in each mailbox,
    angel, manger, star and lamb,
    as the rural carrier,
    driving the snowy roads,
    hears from her bundles
    the plaintive bleating of sheep,
    the shuffle of sandals,
    the clopping of camels.
    At stop after stop,
    she opens the little tin door
    and places deep in the shadows
    the shepherds and wise men,
    the donkeys lank and weary,
    the cow who chews and muses.
    And from her Styrofoam cup,
    white as a star and perched
    on the dashboard, leading her
    ever into the distance,
    there is a hint of hazelnut,
    and then a touch of myrrh.

    1. This is beautiful Sabio ~ Thank you for sharing them ~

  3. Lovely - I am going to pack away the tree at home tomorrow

    1. I am doing it this weekend ~ Thanks for the visit ~

  4. Lovely, it's nice the christmas cards, you can't always save the email cards...well you can but it's not as nice as thumbing through them, reading handwritten words. Wonderful poem.

  5. what a really cool piece...hand written words leap like burnt logs... i like that bit...also the date in the middle jumps out as well..pretty cool to keep the cards to look back on as that does kindle warm feelings...

    1. They sure do Brian ~ Thanks for the visit ~

  6. Aww... there's so much about the coming and goings of time in this sentimental piece, Grace, and I love that you're speaking to the cards.

    1. Thought I will try a different voice ~ Thanks Laurie ~

  7. I love how you call our attention to the end of the ritual. The process of completion really created a sense of closure and yet continuance. Thank you for joining in tonight, I, for one, needed the soothing your pieces provided.

    1. Thank you for the interesting and informative prompt Anna ~

  8. I do like thinking about your treatment of Christmas cards before and after Christmas. Love that they have a front-row seat before Christmas and after Christmas are packed away lovingly....not tossed away into the trash, but filed to be perhaps looked at again next year!

  9. The before and after was a great way to look at them. I always stick them in a place to save too, for a later view.

    1. I file them along with my notes ~ Thanks Pat ~

  10. I love christmas cards; is sadly. now receive only a few; the must of all send e-cards.
    but years ago I received a lot of christmad cards:)

    1. Yes, most of them through emails too ~ But in the office, we trade cards ~ Thanks Gloria ~

  11. such a great idea, Grace - and beautifully done, too - gave me the warm fuzzies once again. thank you for sharing!

  12. nice..i love the...handwritten words leap
    like burnt logs on cold winter day...and indexing them under Cheers..def. a good thing to do and a warm pool on colder days..

  13. ..Grace, yet again another intelligent take... this poem, in particular, gives me quite of a disturbing feel but in a good form... it is always so easy to fall on your visuals here... a complete poem, it is.... smiles...

  14. from deconstruction to reconstruction to recycling maybe?
    Nice concoction of phrases and words.

  15. Lovely -- and with a really fine final line.

  16. You have totally defined the importance of sending real live (in your hands) cards, especially during the Christmas time holiday. But cards serve a wonderful reminder of cheer, as a rule, you are right, and for those who never send them, may they be lucky enough to view other's cards....excellent tribute to writing cards!

  17. I love that you file them under Cheers - "a reminder of all thungs warm and lined with hope". Lovely.

  18. Nice!! Loved the visuals in this!! :-)

  19. I like this:
    "I index you under Cheers
    a reminder of all things warm & lined with hope"

  20. i love that you file away your Christmas cards!

    hoping that you had a wonderful Christmas, dear ~ have a happy new year!

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