Sunday, May 22, 2011

A view of Manhattan City

If there was a spot where one can see the height of commercialism, marketing propaganda and corporate jungle... it is the Times Square in Manhattan, NY.   The consumer is assaulted by the giant billboards and sounds and images of products, concert information and what not, as one walks along the streets of Manhattan.     Broadway shows also compete for your attention.   Lots of choices to go and see and buy in this city's corner.     It is interesting to see that the people walking along the streets are mostly tourists from all corners of the world, taking pictures and videos of this well known area.  I can just imagine when it is New Year's Eve in this corner; the crowds and sounds must be 100X more intense.         

Personally for me, the most impressive thing about Manhattan are the tall buildings.   One can sense the economic power and might of these corporate buildings including the news organizations.     

My daughter was not spared the marketing hoopla.   When we entered the M&M store along Time Square, choices galore as to the colours.   The thing is, despite its choices of colours, these candies all taste the same, don't they ?  

Hope everyone has a good weekend ~

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