Tuesday, January 4, 2022

dreaming of flowers in winter


there is dull blush 

in the morning breaths, when

gloomy clouds obscure the sparkly clear blue

in the sky, the birdsongs on sugar maple trees,

hide the posy hues i draw on the page

but i know, listen - hush -

to the slow murmuring breeze, shadows spin,

& fold away when dawn breaks through

snow-capped fields, bony twigs tease

my thoughts to pools of light, a magical stage

i fall myself into, lush

pines of silence, unwrapped in copper tin

box, i taste spring in my tea cup, i chew

brandy-spiced pears, lemon tarts & buttered peas-

i catch sunflowers & tie my verses with sage

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub, Poetics, Exploring the Realm of French Literature - Hosted by Sanaa Rizvi.   Poetry form:   Rimas Dissolutas.


  1. My goodness this is breathtakingly beautiful work, Grace! So much to love here especially; "snow-capped fields bony twigs tease my thoughts to pools of light." Thank you so much for writing to the prompt!💝💝

  2. Oh I love this, there is such hope in those verses tied with sage...

  3. I think this form is perfectly suited to your poetics, Grace! I love the gentle rhymes and sensory images :-)

  4. Grace, this is gorgeous, and I love the way you did your line breaks.

  5. Gorgeous verses! So many sensory details, the "lemon tarts & buttered peas" is a cool combo! 👏👏

  6. Excellently sensory. I'm sure I'm just repeating the above, but it's got a warmth to it that I can keep spreading along my skin. Lovely, lovely.

  7. A wonderful poem Grace! You did very well with the form.

  8. Love the tea box of delights. It is like having a little garden paradise in winter. Beautiful, Grace.

  9. Lovely, like a soft breeze blowing....

  10. Gorgeous, Grace... and that last stanza just makes me feel - YUM!

    Much love,
    David [ben Alexander]

  11. 'lush pines of silence'
    I love that image.

  12. Oh--this is gorgeous. I love the images you create here--I agree about "lush pines of silence."

  13. The last line is exquisite Grace ☺️

  14. I absolutely love the last line. I have been using a lot of sage around here lately. Happy New Year Grace!

  15. Beautifully penned and exquisite! I always adore your style.

  16. This is one delightfully rustic life described.

  17. Hi Grace, Happy to share my 2nd book


    Happy new year

  18. Beautiful poem, Grace, and yes 'dreaming of flowers' aptly put and I dream of the warmth of a Spring day...as it pours rain outside. Take care.

  19. This has a wonderful cadence and clarity, Grace--really using the form to great effect. I especially love the final stanza, and this; "..shadows spin/& fold away .." conveys both movement and life in a dead season, as well as your use of symbols, colors and fragrance. Just lovely.


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