Thursday, August 5, 2021

bones from the sunken ship


lay me down

on craggy rocks, where cedar and pine trees 

veil the blue sky

let my bones be salted

by seagulls & shrunken dried by sun & clouds 

i will float

not a lost map

nor a ghost from 18th century sunken ship

but to the vibrancy 

of turquoise waves &

woodpecker's incessant tapping 

on pine tree

Big Tub Harbour, Tobermory

Posted for dVerse Poets, OpenLinkNight, hosted by Mish.   I just came back from my vacation in Tobermory, Ontario and some of the lines are taken from my time there.  Thanks for the comments and visits.


  1. What a way to go ... to "float" in "the vibrancy." Gorgeous sentiment, Grace.

  2. OH this is so beautiful,Grace...and I could hear that incessant tapping that you just have to embrace. Tobermory is such a magical place.

  3. This is a gorgeous write. On my visits to the west coast I am always fascinated by the weathered bits of wood that are cast ashore. Your poem captures my thoughts as I gaze on them!

  4. Such a beautiful and haunting poem, Grace! You really carry us away to the atmosphere: It's nature where we go to when it's all over. You portray that with eloquence. This reads as a lament, or rather as a request where one wishes their ashes to be spread at after they pass. Just my interpretation and what I was imagining while reading this. I also really loved the final stanza. Always enjoy reading you, Grace, you write beautifully. <3

  5. Fabulous write. I love the extended metaphor. The sea taking us on throughout our time and beyond. It is exactly the correct length. There are no wasted words. Kudos!

  6. That is truly the way to go floating, no lost map. beautifully expressed.

    Love the bit about the woodpecker ...

  7. A beautiful write Grace, it could as easily describe the Tobermory we know and love here (on the Isle of Mull) xxx

  8. You make the loss and the loneliness, but also the beauty, vivid here.

  9. Sounds like you've made up your mind for your resting place, with the peace of water and presence of nature close by. Your photo shows it to be just such a place.

  10. A floating beach bleached bone. I am watching it bob.

  11. Floating bones rather than sunken bones... I like that!

  12. This sounds so idyllic! I saw some of your photos on Instagram, what a truly beautiful place. It must have been hard to leave!

  13. wonderful wish as well

  14. "let my bones be salted

    by seagulls"

    Love this!

  15. My wish as well ... mountains, rocky coast, rushing stream ... I had not considered the woodpecker. I thoroughly enjoyed this, Grace.

  16. Not sure if my other comment went through but I really loved the opening here!

  17. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
    The shoreline and landscape of Bruce Peninsula reminds me of Maine. I made many trips to Tobermory in the 1980s-90s for wreck diving, including an ice dive to the Sweepstakes. (I even spent time in the hyperbaric chamber there, as part of an advanced certification.)

  18. A vivid picture, Grace, smells of the sea!


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