Tuesday, June 11, 2019

the local market

we come here at crack of dawn
with baskets
ready to scoop the freshly
shaved coconuts, tropical fruits,
yams & quail eggs from harvest bins

this is the place
to buy newly caught fish & shells
iced but still moving in the pile
you can ask the vendor
to clean, cut and fillet the fish for you

at the chicken and meat section,
flesh are whole or bigger pieces,
hanging from tenderhooks
still red
from butcher's knife
you can also ask the vendor
to chop, grind, clean the
cuts & even debone the whole chicken-

this is the "dirty" market
under 1 roof,
with each market stall
a unique cornucopia
you can't escape
the smell of sweat, salt & earth
mingling with calls by vendors

to try their sample wares -
from prepared sauces & tins
to simple breakfast fare -
small freshly baked buns
with local coffee - black
strong with aroma of sun

Posted for the dVerse Poets Pub - Market, Market, Hosted by Sarah Connors.

Thanks for the visit.


  1. mmmm local strong black coffee with a fresh pastry....standing at a high top table outside at the market. My kind of morning! :)

  2. These market poems are filling me with the desire to visit Norwich Market, but I have to wait until my three weeks of marking are over and done with. In the meantime, I shall enjoy the poems and swing an imaginary basket, ready to fill with tropical fruits and yams. I don’t mind the fish but I would have to bypass the chicken and meat section. I might just head over to the freshly baked buns and coffee, ‘strong with aroma of sun’.

  3. Such a vibrant image. I felt like I was there alongside.

  4. "the smell of sweat, salt & earth
    mingling with calls by vendors"
    Love the detail in this, Grace, brings the market to life!

  5. I must say you make me wish to have a market somewhere... they are mostly gone here in Stockholm, but we do have a market hall with different stores... but when travelling I always try to find some kind of market...

  6. I like learning about the accommodations the vendors will make. I'd love to visit a market like that! It would be wonderful to walk to a market like that every day and get the freshest of the freshest.

  7. You took me right there Grace, I would enjoy a freshly baked bun with a fresh cup of coffee.

  8. Wonderful picture of an earthy market

  9. Well done. I can imagine walking through this market, treating the senses.

  10. Everything sounds fresh at this market :) A delightful visit, especially the coffee, "strong with aroma of sun"!


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