Tuesday, June 18, 2019

garden of dreams

i don't want to be still & yellow, a thing in blue
light, no, i want to run into the fathomless sky

i hear the heart beats of agile wild cat
beneath city lights, my breathing catches windspell

my mind is a distressed canvas at end of train ride
but by night, i garden words under spell of moonflower

i write down a word or line, let it sit & frolic 
in clouds, climb trees - carrying my cup of yearnings

it may seem like a little thing, but it's no secret-
walking with flowery hat brings out smiles, sudden sunset

Flowering Mindscape

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Meet Jackie Hurlbert, hosted by Charmed Chaos, Linda Lee Lyberg.  


  1. I love the transformation of nightly word gathering... such magic that comes from a flowery hat.

  2. I love your interpretation of the painting Grace. Isn't it incredible how different people perceive images and life in general? This is just one of the things I love about writing.

  3. “but by night, i garden words under spell of moonflower” I adore this line! You’ve chosen one of my favorites of the six....it seems to me so whimsical....and here you are at the end of a commute, frolicking in clouds!

  4. This was so lovely Grace and it made me smile.

    'i write down a word or line, let it sit & frolic
    in clouds, climb trees - carrying my cup of yearnings']

    Beautiful ����

  5. I like the flower metaphor, like planting seeds and watching them grow.

  6. beautiful line: "by night, i garden words under spell of moonflower". i love the mystical environment of dark as inspiration

  7. Nice line: "but by night, i garden words under spell of moonflower" I like the gardening by moonlight.

  8. Very nice, Grace. I love the 'breathing catches windspell' and your'cup of yearnings'.

  9. OMG we both followed the garden path to arrive at Poetry. Luv your images

    much love...

  10. Magical!
    I particularly liked: "i garden words under spell of moonflower"

  11. I think this painting could be called The Mind of a Poet. This is what you have shown us in your wonderful poem.
    Love the train ride with the days distress... only to come home and ...by night, I garden words under spell of moonflower. Poetry is the glass of wine at the end of a hard day!

  12. I love the flowery hat and all the beauty you found in the garden of words.

  13. You really have brought the image to life in words.

  14. A flowery hat sure could bring about smiles indeed

  15. I like the way this winds down into complete peacefulness.

  16. Wonderful interpretation of the artwork, Grace! I especially like your central verse of "distressed canvas" mind and gardening words by moonflower :)


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