Tuesday, May 22, 2018

its show time!

i pose, pretty in bell-shaped dress
lavender with polka dots

i stand here, smiling all day long
with petticoats of velvet & tulle

while I itch to walk 
in my green minted slippers

here comes an old lady
with a bag, colorful as lemon

under her glasses,
she marvels at my freckles

alas, her dog got too excited
and prancing around,

pawed his dirt on my feet-
yikes, it was all I can do

not to smack him back
with my corns and toady toes

i did sneeze a big ACHOOOO!!!
as the old lady pulled him back

sh-sh-smacking her lips
moving along where hydrangeas and azaleas 

are shooing away the bees & bugs - 
please leave me alone!!! 

I'd rather be
ribbing with roses
fibbing with pansies

than waving cherry Welcome  !!!  
at 500+ strangers,  
in this garden show

Centennial Park Garden

Posting for dVerse Poets Pub - Real Life Humor with guest blogger, Mark Walters.  Thanks for the visit ~


  1. I can imagine it... so much funnier when time has passed. I imagine working like this is not fun for anyone...
    Love the ribbing with roses.

  2. Wowser, that's a tough gig. I'd be hard pressed to stand still for half an hour, much less a whole day. I love your invitation, "cherry welcome". It is probably lots funnier now than tnen. Hope you were well paid

  3. Not one for dressing up, I'm glad to say I've only had to do it once, for Bounce and Rhyme. I wouldn't like to do it as a job.

  4. nothing harder than being nice to people all day...

  5. Those kind of jobs must be nightmares!

  6. haha that many people would drive me even nuttier. I could handle the dog though.

  7. Ha, I agree with Sarah. And as a former waitress, found the tips were no better when being fake-friendly than just being real, often slightly grumpy and impatient. Hope the environment of the flowers at least put a little cherry-welcome on top!

  8. What a tough job that would be!

  9. I'd rather be
    ribbing with roses
    fibbing with pansies

    There is such a thing as privacy that others should care for in strangers!


  10. Having to smile all day in polka dots! Ugh!

  11. I can imagine the people helping at a garden show have a very different perspective of it.

  12. You did well to survive this job... It must have been torture :) :)

  13. Pansies fib way too much. I know, I once lived on Pansy Avenue...I'm still living it down. Thanks for the smile.



  14. You had me with the first two stanzas! Seems to me you were dressed perfectly for a garden show! But oh yes....dealing with the public and trying to keep a smile. You made me smile! :)

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