Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer heat, my mind plays trickster

Grace@Everyday Amazing

city bakes in heat
slows river   t i d e
as bikers zip 
     like buzzing b e e s

i lift my head
     for cool  b r e e z e
'tis rain
     of falling  p e t a l s

pinking the grass
her last spring  d a n c e

under tree,  tuck me
minting afternoon's  g l a r e-
'tis oasis   
of blooming  l a v en d e r

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Quadrille hosted by Bjorn Rudberg  ~  This is a 44 word post with the word BREEZE.   We are back to basking under summer heat, whew!  


  1. Oh I love how you have pulled those words apart... such heat when all the petals falls... I always wish the bloom could cling a little longer...

  2. "bikers zip
    like buzzing b e e s" perfect! And the falling petals pinking the grass...I am just a goner when I read lines like this, having such a weakness for cherry blossoms and sakura snow/rain. Like Bjorn, I love how you lengthened some of the words...b e e s....buzzzzz.

  3. LOVE this, especially:
    "pinking the grass
    her last spring d a n c e"

    And the way your spacing allows the breeze to blow through your words, quite literally.

  4. I love the formatting you've used in this - something I haven't done... y e t !

  5. ahh.... the oasis of lavendar - a real beauty

  6. Brilliant!
    I love "as bikers zip
    like buzzing b e e s"
    Lovely poem to recite aloud! <3

  7. Your entire poem is a dance of sights, sounds, smells... and a mix of emotions. Poetry as it should be.

  8. Wow! Loved that. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  9. A Graceful dance of a poem, lovely.

  10. A Summer's Breeze for
    mE iN July of 2007..
    in 100 degree Florida
    weather.. a chill.. an
    OMeN of what
    soon WiLL
    come neXt
    iN Hell for
    Me In 66 months..
    i'd rather be RED BURNING
    COAL hot than go through
    thaT aGaiN.. SMiLEs..
    WITH FiEry
    ReD eYes
    oF RelieF
    iN CoLd
    PIECE BeForE
    Breeze comeS iN
    aS iN PAPER HeLL..:)

  11. Pinking the grass... that made me smile!!

  12. The pacing and spacing plays tricks upon this reader-mind. Nicely done!

  13. The heat does play games with the mind, we had some rain so things are cooling down a bit.

  14. That was beautifully written, Grace, my friend.

    Oh how I love to bike, the sound of bees, a spring rain with a soothing breeze, taking time to sit under a tree with the scent of lavender that comforts me.

  15. Very cool! A wonderful trickle of evocative summer-esque images and metaphors. The lovely light form: perfect.

  16. "minting afternoon" - I love that phrase. Wonderful poem, Grace.

  17. Nice! I think I have lots of memories with summer than any other seasons.

  18. I love this! A charming poem for the changing seasons. And I find this line really cute: "pinking the grass, her last spring dance..." <3

  19. I am not certain in my own mind what is meant by a Quadrille, <<nor whether that is a statement or a question<<nor what kind of punctuation to finish that line with.

    I do relate and like the poem though and my thought turns to how many of the lavender blossoms i could gather in the heat and turn them into something that would help with the heat created smells of summer's unwashed bodies.

  20. So many wonderful words ---- petals pinking grass -- and that bike!
    Well done! Love it!

  21. ... no summer heat here ... yet ... as only +4C nites and maybe +10C days ... Love, cat.

  22. The heat sure heats things up, can be tricky and umm sticky lol

  23. the spacing in between the letters of the last lines of each stanza caused me to s l o w down my reading of the the feel of one of those hot summer days where I feel too sluggish to move...where every little breeze is a blessing. Nicely done!

  24. Airy as the breeze of which we write, Grace! This presents the scene vividly!

  25. Oasis of blooming is a gorgeous concept.

  26. pinking the grass
    her last spring dance

    One often laments the end of greenery when summer heat takes over. Very true, Grace!


  27. Oh.."pinking the grass" spring throwing confetti to welcome summer.

  28. I love the scents in this and the gentle kiss of falling petals. My quadrille is late:

  29. Love the contrast of the city and nature. Sounds like a good place to be.

  30. Normally I don't like odd spacing in poetry, but it works beautifully in this. As I read I stretched the words you meant to be stretched.

  31. Normally I don't like odd spacing in poetry, but it works beautifully in this. As I read I stretched the words you meant to be stretched.


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