Sunday, November 13, 2011


what dreams do you have
fair child of mine

your brown eyes twinkle   
rivalling stars glowing in your room  

your belly laughter peals
reading books on princesses, frogs and goats 

do you know that treasures 
are under your pillows every night

do you know that your hands
hold the magic key to unlock any doors

when you gaze up at the blue skies 
believe you can fly like a bird if you want to

when you dwell upon wide open seas 
imagine possibilities of being ship's captain 

chase every rainbow in your childhood,
run after turtles and hares in all the races 

every day is beautiful and precious, 
and sharing your gifts mean blessings tenfold   

i may not be the perfect mother all the time
but know this, i will always love and believe in you 

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  1. Hello.
    What beautiful expressions.
    Nice imagery too.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Imaginary Dreams

  2. I found this touching my emotions. I had to read it several times.

  3. This is perfect, the places your words take us, by dreams and imaginations are divine.


  4. nothing like motherly love

  5. Very well said.A nice write!

  6. beautiful a lovely message for a child thank you for sharing x x x

  7. amazing beauty in your entry,

    you rock, girl.
    what a blessing to have you in with us.
    Happy Poetry Picnic.

  8. Well done. Great use of the theme.

  9. What a wonderfull poem. The love of a mother for her child ... great feeling and touchy.

  10. A lovely poem of the worked each word of the prompt into your poem...nice work!

  11. beautiful and a lovely poem

  12. a wonderful and touching piece!

  13. such beautiful words. i love dreaming. :D

  14. Well said. I give the same admonishment to my kid (even though I'm a father and he's a boy).


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