Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Math and love

I see that a lot of my readers search for love and quotes about love.   Here is an original composition on love by a young man ~

You plus me equals forever, so I plucked a thousand feathers to make up this quill that I used to tranquilize my thoughts to make my will, so I spill, a thousand hearts, a thousands roads, crying to the skies hoping to evoke, trying to promote to the heavens, pleading god for us to remain together, so we remain together, add us up to forever, subtract all the mistakes, integrate all the great moments, divide all the pride and break it down, turn the X's into hearts, it's dark when I shout at you, but it is the spark of your smile that makes me go through, the rainy days, the tears of pain, the joyful glee you and me, hopefully the universe can see,

that we remain together infinitely...

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Picture credit:  victoria6277.tumblr.


  1. What a great picture and words of what love really looks like!! It is really a mixture of things that makes it so special and life changing.

  2. I wish we can freeze time so all lovers stay together. See you!


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