Monday, July 25, 2016

Haibun: Dog days of summer

He ignites me into an argument.   Like a firecracker waiting to explode, I give a rebuttal. Soon we are exchanging angry words over political and religious issues.   I should have held back, knowing both of us are temperamental.   He walks away with a final word.    

The late afternoon sun paints the trees with orange streaks.  A hummingbird wings above the blossoming pink buds.   A flight of birds swoon from the lack of rain in the hills.   With a cooler head, I'm back in the house washing the dishes.   He comes close, his stone-creased cheeks and white hair, so frail in the bright light.  We let peace settle like a cuddly dog, between father and daughter.

cacti bloom around
marbled fountain lady with jar,
wind-stroked by hot sands

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Haibun Monday - hosted by Kanzensakura - prompt is about hot days of summer. (Sorry had to do 2 paragraphs).  How did dog days summer affect you and these times in your life? Give me your best shot at this in a tight one paragraph haibun with a true, classical nature oriented haiku at the end (with season and cutting words).

Thanks for joining us.


  1. I think heat makes us all crazy at times. And those arguments. I am so glad that peace and understanding can occur when there is a brief separation and then reuniting.

  2. Said this so well, yes the heat intensifies what is already going on. I love here how you bring us into the nature around you as well. I love hummingbirds. Thank you, Grace

  3. Being super hot can sure make one go off rather quickly

  4. Gayle Walters RoseJuly 25, 2016 at 8:05 PM

    I like how peace settles between the two of you like a cuddly dog, Grace. Glad it was over quickly.

  5. This perfectly describes my relationship as a kid with my father - they're always baiting and always have to have the final word! Love the second paragraph -a beautiful mediation to help calm down.You're haiku is just gorgeous! Superbly done, Grace!

  6. Well done, Grace! I like the story: argument, cooling off, peace...just how life often is in families. And such an elegant haiku to finish.

  7. You have created a wonderful contrast between the scene in the body of the poem and the gorgeous haiku. Wonderful, Grace!

  8. Love the imagery and symbolism of your poem!

  9. Summer Heat
    politics blow uP..

    TRump dreams
    sweet of
    taLL WAlls..

    Booker bLasts
    iT aLL.. wITh
    wE RisE toGetheR All..:)

    i didn't see Hillary
    anywhere but
    bill was
    from ear
    to eYes..

    2 for 1
    male and female
    with a side of Caine..
    a sugar deal.. thAT..;)

  10. Oh my goodness! That happened to me last night when I got home from choir. But I didn't experience the lovely scene at the end. Maybe I should have gone for a walk. I love the haiku, Grace.

  11. peace is so cool...a beautiful snippet of life here, Grace....

  12. Argumentation is a sign of life, same as growth. I am glad you allowed the peace to settle, though, because as you acknowledge in your last line "hot sands stoke the wind." Blowing sands also erode the stoniest of vessels.

  13. Just a little distraction which is normal in a family environment. It would solve itself by and by as seen here! Good insight into family 'feuds', Grace!


  14. We let peace settle like a cuddly dog --- love that line! Love the juxtapositioning of the angry words and the scene of nature with the orange sky. Oh the heat can make us prickly cacti alright! Enjoyed this one a lot!

  15. Even in the heat of argument there still waits calm resolute caring. Lovely piece.

  16. This haiku is so fitting to the scene. Beautiful piece, Grace.

  17. I love your haibun. I have noticed that the heated days this summer have caused some nerve endings to fray :-) I enjoy your writings very much.

  18. Such gorgeous images you create in this poem.


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