Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Season of autumn

Grace @ Everyday Amazing

Give me dawn on teacup
Fresh as blueberry jam on toast
My morning weaves cold breath
Bluer than last leaf hanging still

How many more apples will leap
from boughs to wet groundswell
How many more nights will grey geese
bear before it flies away

Darkness is not just a color
It's a veil of silence 
I break it by writing on paper
Calligraphy or ink

I marvel how trees are baring
Their slender limbs & empty pockets
And everywhere the leaves
draw red war paint on their faces 

As if life's party is on streets
And sidewalks, merry parade
Before all the fruits whittled, slushed 
To ground for spring's harvest  

Who is counting the time
Before the sun departs so early
I do, for its autumn
The season of wanting & waiting

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  1. Oh, Grace, this is just stunning. You have created an intense, atmospheric photo of autumn in your region, using colors and scents--wonderful imagery.

  2. Grace I really liked the way you stylized this poem--a little conversational mixed with a poetic fascination--it was woven very well. Especially liked your final stanza. Smiles...>KB

  3. Oh yes, autumn really is the season of wanting and waiting...I like that characterization. And, yes, darkness certainly is a veil of silence this time of year & arrives way too early each evening!

  4. The darkness sure sets on in, leaving one waiting for spring to be sprung

  5. The chill in the air, despite El Nino, puts ice in my ones, stirs up my asthma, & simmers akin to anger as I await the danger & complications related to snowfall & commuting with a million others, traversing the foothills, skidding into ditches.
    I like your lines /& everywhere the leaves/draw red war paint on their faces/.

    1. that's "ice in my veins"; damn spell check slipped past me.

  6. A very domestic first stanza, turning progressively outwards, in wider circles. The lines 'darkness is not just a colour/it's a veil of silence' articularly resonated with me.

  7. I like how you describe the leaves as painting themselves red, Grace, and your final verse where you count the time before the sun departs so early. Lovely, vivid imagery of those autumn changes.

  8. Such a beautiful poem about autumn. It really is about wanting and waiting. And it's so beautiful at the same time as it prepares us for the dark winter days. We need to take every moment in, for all color and the light will be gone for a while.

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my kindness post, Grace <3
    Have an amazing week. Lots of hugs to you,

  9. You always create such gorgeous imagery in your work---I love the close here especially--the wanting and waiting

  10. Dawn on a teacup... sigh.. you had me at the opening lines :D
    Beautifully rendered!

    Lots of love,

  11. How I love "Give me dawn on teacup"......what a cool line! A beautiful write, I love the idea of the trees with their empty pockets.Grace.

  12. Autumn desire
    seasonal pleasure
    without desire
    fall feels
    no season..
    it's still luke warm
    or luke cool.. where
    i live.. but it's always
    hot enough
    for me..:)

  13. You have captured the in-betweenness of this season so very well. Nice.

  14. 'season of wanting and waiting'... such a longing feels here....lovely words' choice.

  15. This is very beautifully written, Grace. You gave full attention to each stanza - I felt no sense of rush as I read and enjoyed each descriptive detail.

  16. I love the leaves drawing red war paint on their faces, likw they are ready to fight the oncoming winter.

  17. Really beautiful, Grace. I like the personification in stanza 4, but also the way each stanza falls so gently, leading up to that just-right close.

  18. Lovely. Your poem speaks of both the beauty and the melancholy of the season.

  19. Wow, Grace this one is autumn awesome! I like how you choose to break the silence of darkness :)

  20. Gorgeous words, Grace--I especially like "its autumn
    The season of wanting & waiting"--so true.

  21. Oh wow!! you have turned every change of this season into wanting desires and gifts from nature. Just stunning!! Your first two lines drew me in immediately.

  22. This is gorgeous! The first line wowed me totally and then the leaves with their warpaint - on until the glorious end. This is so beautiful.

  23. Lovely and somewhat sad poem, G ... but it's a good kind of sadness ... the kind, that gently eases me into Fall and Winter ... welcome ... colourful leaves ... welcome ... bare trees ... welcome ... bare land ... welcome ... blanket of snow ... Love, cat.

  24. This is such a lovely picture of autumn. I love the season, even the melancholy parts, and one of my favorite parts you describe so well:

    How many more nights will grey geese
    bear before it flies away

  25. Love, 'dawn on teacup' which hooked me immediately. Third stanza is a favorite. Beautiful writing.

  26. As ever you captured your feelings Grace and gave them a proper picture.

    Though personaly all i have to say about fall and the leaves is 2 things--1. all the other trees on my street have shed theirs but not the one in front of my house, maybe by 1/2 but most of what's left is still green. Of course i get the weird tree.

    2. We spend at least an hour a day cleaning other trees leaves from in front of our house, it's obvious yours does not have the storm sewer drain in front of it or you'd not be so poetic about the nasty fallen things. hahahahahah

  27. This is a wonderful writing, the emotion of this journey into darkness we do every year so well captured... the waiting, the war-paint of the trees... yes this is how November feels.

  28. beautiful...enjoyed each line!!!


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