Thursday, October 22, 2015

Feast of slimy pumpkins

Yellow moon, black bats, horned owls
Lend us your faces to scare folks 
Waiting for us by door on coldest night
Don't put the candy maker on sick call
We going to sing ghost songs until we are numb

Yellow moon, black bats, horned owls
Cast away the witches' spell, a joke  
We are turning plump as pumpkins
Filled with glee from treat bags haul
We show off our tongues, green with slimy gum

Picture credit:   here

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  1. Really a fun Halloween treat, Grace. Picturing those tongues green with slimy gum.

  2. Ha.. love how you brought the fun in the Halloween.. the slimy gum is really fun...

  3. I hoped we see a blend of Halloween and Humor--maybe they should call them plumpkins! Fun.

  4. lol may not be good to turn as plump as pumpkins

  5. Very nice! A light touch for Halloween. I'd like some of that green gum to chew and then stick my tongue out to show it off.

  6. Halloween.. Joker
    of death
    healer of
    life.. rise
    up death
    and spoon
    feed life..
    costumes mark
    bright.. dark fades
    night.. LiGHT!noW
    Sweet tweet treat..:)

  7. Such a delightful Halloween treat this is :D
    Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

  8. Love your tribute to the day. I will miss it this year as I had to sell my home and now live in an apartment at which there will be no little ones asking for treats. Have missed visiting lots of sites due to health problems but am getting back.

  9. Cute Grace... glad you went comic for Halloween

  10. Amazing poem. Fruity! :-)

    Greetings from London.

  11. Halloween comes early! A nice treat for the occasion, Grace!


  12. True depiction of Halloween, Gracefully done.

  13. Sticking out your colorful tongue at everyone is pretty much always the best thing to do. ;)

  14. Ghosties and hoogabugers, haints and goblins all need their night in the sun...just not here in the land of true demons and devils.

  15. This was a delight to read...I especially love "we are turning plump as pumpkins."


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