Tuesday, June 14, 2022

An invite to a party


Each guest will bring
A poetry book to read
To a garden party
Brimming with roses & tomatoes
Smell of peonies, spice of citrus

We will listen to each guest
Read the words
Of dead poets
Of living poets
Their own poems in draft format
It does not matter

This is not a euology
But a banquet of imagery & paradox 
Amidst tea cups and wine glasses
A valley grows with pear & apple trees
A cloud storm erupts with sunflower seeds
A lake shimmers with bluest of blues
We voice each spoken word with vibrancy
of buzzing bees

We will each have our turn 
with word salad, 
soup of alliterations,
and generous helpings of hyperbole
then, we will enjoy the dessert of 
exquisite haiku from Basho and Issa

Then each guest will select a book
from my bookshelves
or exchange poetry books with each other
To bring to their home
What a fun merry-go-round of books it will be!
The books will outlast us
At 6pm, the party will end
No goodbyes will be said
Only see you at the next one

On the way out, each guest
will receive  
thank you note with
my unfinished poem:

Twilight glows vivid violet & red-orange
A certain butterfly is already on the wing.”

  • A certain butterfly is already on the wing.” Vladimir Nabokov

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Words of Departure, Hosted by Laura Bloomsbury.  Join us when the virtual pub doors open at 3pm EST.   Thank you.


  1. Oh Grace....this is just too wonderful. I most especially love these lines:
    "We will each have our turn
    with word salad,
    soup of alliterations,
    and generous helpings of hyperbole
    then, we will enjoy the dessert of
    exquisite haiku from Basho and Issa"
    And I'm sure I've said it before, but you have such a gift with imagery and nature.
    This is just a wonderful write.

  2. I don't understand why I keep coming up as anonymous? It's Lillian.

  3. This is absolutely stunning, Grace! I am especially in awe of these lines; "This is not a euology/But a banquet of imagery & paradox /Amidst tea cups and wine glasses." Sigh! ❤️❤️

  4. Oh Grace we chose the same last words but you took off to heights of imagination and imagery - a sheer joy to read.
    it is you voicing "each spoken word with vibrancy
    of buzzing bees"

  5. This is truly amazing! I love your description of the party and it makes me feel all sorts of things. Those last words at the end are great too.

  6. This, is my very favourite of your poems. Bravo


  7. I will be attending solo, and will bring a book of Leonard Cohen's poetry. Such a magnificent flight of fancy; thank you.

  8. Love your poem, Grace, and a wonderful idea of a party. You've even cleverly posed the idea of not a good-bye but "to see you again" at the end of the party. That is nice!


  9. This is simply wonderful, Grace. What a beautiful imagining! Just beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This is wonderfully endearing Grace, a beautiful word bouquet! Gracious and sensitive work my friend! In the writing of mine, I found myself being much more angry at life than I expected. Bug you are delicate and thankful, a welcome breath of gentleness.

  11. I want to go to this party. Such a wondrous gathering that I can dream one day we will all share together.

  12. Nice, nice, nice!! Grace, this is a funeral like I'd like to have, and be there in spirit as is of your writer, I am sure.
    The poem reminded me of a funeral we attended of a very good friend, John. In one of the eulogies he was described as being extremely generous (shirt off his back?). The reminder was about fifteen years ago when he loaned me his fairly new Ford pickup and his car trailer to bring a car from Nebraska to Houston, 900 miles plus each way.
    So far I have never loaned one of my own cars.

  13. I’d love to attend too.

  14. Oh Grace, what a marvelous gathering. The souvenir is perfect.

  15. "On the way out, each guest
    will receive
    thank you note with
    my unfinished poem"...what an absolutely beautiful way to go! Brimming with vivid joyous imagery.


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