Tuesday, June 21, 2022

a letter (to myself)

so you have dropped 

your shield 

of plastic of red and blue

& timid fists 

running away from the loud-mouths

in the playground

it was more pathetic in school

when no one wanted to play 

with you during recess time


speaking with a different tongue

growing up in a different part of the country

to them, you were a strange, foreign sounding girl

who hid in the library & empty classrooms-

a wild flower, with easily-trampled upon


that time is done

i tell you now, that time will pass

like tides

people & events change all the time, 

what you didn't know was that

every insult & hurtful words

toughened your skin and gritted your teeth

as you grew up 

as an adult 

as a mother of your village

your voicebox became stronger 


you pick positive thoughts & vase them

on your table

you fly your flags & keep your boundaries

some days, you wish you are holding that

small shield - plastic of red and blue -

as if it was an amulet, armor or a sword

but then you remind yourself,

you've have made a shield over time-

its called self-love



it's a river, all flowing 

within you

Posted for dVerse Poets pub - Handling Peer Pressure, hosted by Sanaa Rizvi.  The idea came to me when we gifted my grandson a plastic Captain America shield.   He was very happy to get it like it was a powerful real shield.   For myself, I am now able to handle any peer pressure.  It comes with time & a lot of experiences.  Thanks for your visits and comments.  

Just a note that dVerse will be going on a 2 week summer break and that we will be back on July 11.   


  1. Oh my heart this is incredibly moving, Grace. I especially love; "but then you remind yourself, you've have made a shield over time-its called self-love, self-care, self-respect, it's a river, all flowing within you,".. yes! Sigh.. thank you so much for writing to the prompt! ❤️❤️

  2. I really like the line "you pick positive thoughts & vase them
    on your table" and the use of the word "vase" as a verb.

  3. "who hid in the library & empty classrooms."
    "you've have made a shield over time."

  4. self-care self-respect
    it's a river, all flowing
    within you

    This typically happens when a freshie joins an ongoing class or when a class of people/foreigners intrude into a community. Well narrated Grace. Great close!


  5. Marvelously done, Grace! I love how you articulate the hope that comes from transcending peer pressure.

  6. That river flows within all of us but only a few discover it. This is wonderfully written, Grace.
    Enjoy the break.

  7. I love this poem of strength and resistance. It speaks of hope.

  8. I hid in libraries, too. I think your shield may be a bit stronger than mine, though. Hope you are well, Grace ~

  9. And all to common story. I like people pass like tides and putting positive thoughts like flowers in vases. Good one!

  10. This is incredibly moving and beautifully written.


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