Thursday, November 8, 2018


thank you

for showing me your vulnerability
i too, am frail mustard
leaf swept by cold wind, gnarled

by doubts and scarfed by guilt 
many a night
i too, am needled reed
bent by unanswered prayers
and clumsiness of legs

you remind me to
summon the courage left behind
what has faded, tarnished, passed 
is over 

i can finally accept what is
weary, tedious, ordinary looking, everyday
with a cup of bubbling chocolate

thank you

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Hosted by Bjorn Rudberg on Metaphors.  Join us when the pub doors open by 3pm EST for some poetry writing and reading.


  1. This is just awesome... love the metaphor of a mustard leaf... to be able to show our weaknesses is so important I think... maybe it's even utopia to mold weakness into strength.

  2. Love the way you wrapped this up. :)

    with a cup of bubbling chocolate"

    Also the line, "i too, am frail mustard" ... I'm crazy about that.


  3. A great title, Grace. I love the way 'thank you' tops and tails the poem, and the 'frail mustard leaf'.

  4. Yup .. the frail mustard leaf is the stand-out phrase in this little gem of a poem but also love 'scarfed by guilt image'.. and the title perfect. Nice work :)

  5. I like "gnarled by doubts" - conjured up a great twisting image for me.

  6. Acceptance sure is key and let's what will be be

  7. acceptance is akin to love, and certainly one must strive to accept, even love one's self before being capable of truly giving love to another. Your poem is lively and rife with metaphor; smile.

  8. "frail mustard leaf"...very good!

  9. I love the needled reed bent over by unanswered prayer!

  10. I love this! A needled reed - perfect! 🙂

  11. Nice metaphors: "gnarled

    by doubts and scarfed by guilt"

  12. I love this, Grace, and boy, can I relate - "failed mustard ", "needled reed" and "clumsiness of legs". Acceptance is akin to hope.

  13. It takes humility to be vulnerable and grateful!

  14. Hot Chocolate
    Souls Awake..:)

  15. bent over in prayer and frail leaves, i see the metaphors of looking for redemption, then found in a cup of bubbling chocolate, this was really wonderful Grace, the tilt of the poem, like almost falling off an edge and then lifted back up,

  16. The image of 'frail mustard' such an evocative paradox - ends beautifully sweet

  17. Grace- this is so lovely. I especially liked 'I too am needled reed'

  18. Something amazing everyday here indeed. I hear a smooth cascade, picturing the thoughts or words being poured out as the thermos pours out the words, and tilting up at the surprise end, "cup of bubbling chocolate - thank you." deep resolutions in the thoughts and feelings that attach, almost as afterthought, to the everyday amazing niceties and affirmations. I can't think of why, but this, of all the poems that had to do with portentious beautiful darkness and light, this prompt, this flowing little poem is bringing tears to my eyes this morning. Thank You.

  19. Like your work vey much Grace. It was a joy to visit your blog!
    Come visit and tour my blog next opportuniu
    ...rob from

  20. There is beauty in you ~ enjoy your cup of bubbling chocolate.

    Have a nice week Grace

  21. Grace, I just wanted to tell you, I had printed this out and left in a folder in one of my clinic rooms with other poems for patients to peruse while they spent otherwise interminable time waiting for me to see them. Only occasionally do people comment, I guess most of them prefer solitaire to poetry. However, yesterday a sweet patient was holding "Postscript" in her hand and said she was not leaving without it, she loved it deeply and said that the combined vulnerability and kindness of the poem had moved her deeply. I remember when I first read this poem, it brought tears to my eyes, brimming so fully with the (chocolate) mild of human kindness. She also loved January's "Invisible." I direceted her also to your site. Just thought you should know. Lona. :)


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