Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Having a lark while chasing a dream

The others wagered
    that is a mistake

With a flint of steel
   she said No, I had enough

After a decade of numbers
   & files of business meetings-

This feels right & good
   My mistake will be not to give this a chance-

So she took a one-way ticket
    out of city with a single luggage

There are rivers, mellowed safe      
    from childhood

And there is a river that you
    choose over others

It surges
    twisting deeply
                    you fight 
                    to keep it moving

As it flows to an uncertain distant point-
    size of pinhead or crest of mountain top

Ideas leap in your head
    A jar of fireflies, a box of yellow daisies

Some days, you catch light-patterns shifting
    glowing new, a world only lovers see

Sometimes, you see nothing but sands
    & weight of stillness is deafening

Over a bottle of cheap wine
   in a rented motel room, that night

On a lark, you draw 
    monkeys fallin
                          g    from  t r      
                                              e e                  

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub -  Poetics:  Even Monkeys Fall from Trees* - With guest host, CC ~  Thanks for the visit ~


  1. I really love how how you tied it up... it might have been a mistake, but the ride was fine... and monkeys can climb the trees again.

  2. Yes indeed. Monkeys can climb right back into the tree and start swinging again. It may have been a mistake, but at least the effort was tried.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous writing Grace :D love how you wrap up at the end.

    Lots of love,

  4. Well, though I haven't written yet I am reading the poetry for CC's prompt, thinking I might be inspired. To be honest I cannot figure out what mistake in your life you have written about here though I have read the poem a number of times. Perhaps I missed something.

    1. Per CC after the quote: Write a poem inspired by mistakes–it doesn’t really even necessarily have to be your own mistake; it could be your objective (or not-so-objective) take on someone else’s mistake–feel free to use the prompt in whatever way it inspires you~

      I wrote this based on someone else career choices- leaving corporate life to pursue another field ~

  5. And there is a river that you
    choose over others
    So many of these rivers, it seems, in our life journey. It doesn't help to look back and wonder where the other one would take you, does it.

  6. Some rivers you can sure go back to, have to watch the monkeys though haha

  7. This leave me breathless, regretful, relieved, thankful. So much spilled here.

  8. So gorgeous....what courage it takes to walk away from the conventional choice and follow a dream....I absolutely LOVE the way you ended it with the visual falling of the letters....so brilliant, Grace :-)

  9. This is beautiful. I want to fall out of my tree now.

  10. a beautifully balanced poem of adventure, the flow of consequences - seems you still have that "jar of fireflies, a box of yellow daisies"

  11. you admit that the journey is sometimes hard, but also show that it is worthwhile to forge your own path!

  12. One has to take the risks but there are decisions to be made in between which can be specifically intimidating.


  13. Cheers to taking chances and charting the unknown! Oh, I love the way you present your poem <3

  14. As I said, not all missteps are mistakes. And mistakes are just a different way of doing things, right? A good write, Grace!

  15. Fabulous, Grace. Following your heart can't be a mistake, even if it doesn't quite turn out the way you expect. As long as it's for you, that's what matters.

  16. I love the rivers mellowed safe from childhood, and the rivers you choose. Love the placement of the monkeys falling from the trees. Perfect!

  17. I love the places this poem is taking me. I really enjoyed it.

    Greetings from London.

  18. Lovely following the heart poem!

  19. Just coming back from
    talking about pregnancies
    that and this reminds me..
    the first time in years
    i noticed a flower
    was after my
    wife had a baby..
    Work truly kills
    beauty without even
    realizing it's even gone..
    now work is gone gone gone..
    ALL OF iT
    iS Beauty NOW..:)

  20. "So she took a one-way ticket
    out of city with a single luggage"

    Whoa, hold on, wait a minute--I have never--not once--ever see, not even my very minimalist wife, leave the city with only a single piece of luggage.

    That said- I do love the dream scape quality of this poem Grace, it flows through the couplets like water seeking a place to nourish, accomplish its purpose.

  21. Out of the city and into the country. Thank you for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend.

  22. Sometimes a one-way ticket with a single suitcase is all one needs to find themselves...


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