Thursday, December 17, 2015

Eternal summer

Credit:   Kathy Klein

we tear off 
banana leaf from the tree
it is a giant umbrella
stripping strand
by strand, we form a soft ball
anything we fancy-
the tropical sun colors
our skin to healthy tan
as we run around the park
smelling of guava and
sugar-fried sweet potatoes
time flits 
slow as afternoon river
bellyful as ripe papaya
on field of summer red daisies

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Hosted by Bjorn Rudberg on our last prompt for 2015 ~ I recall my carefree growing up years in my native land, Philippines ~  
Happy Holidays ~   Thanks for the visit ~


  1. A great moment to recall by the sounds of it indeed. Some big leaves they must have been

  2. Ah. this is just great Grace... I can feel the smell of Guava and how the sun burns my skin.. nothing's better than the carefree days of childhood... (though I do remember the chill of winter days).

  3. Excellent stream & recall, so very vivid, wonderful sense of place; & as a flow of consciousness, it comes out very personal, authentic, you.

  4. I like this, the memories, the heat, the unrestrained childhood fun - slow as afternoon river - I like that line muchly - and the Southerner in me loves the thoughts of those sugar fried sweet potatoes. A nice warm poem on this cold rainy day.

  5. that is so lovely and dreamy, I felt like I was seeing a child of summer in some beautiful place I want to be

  6. Absolutely breathtaking...!! So beautifully done :D

  7. How beautiful and delicious.

  8. We did that with banana leaves when I was growing up too. They're so big, your imagination can go wild. I enjoyed this sense-filled tale of a time growing up in the Philippines, Grace.

  9. your thoughts are so vivid I feel I can touch, taste, smell what you did.

  10. It's kind of cool the way YOU take these prompts in absolutely your own direction Grace. Always something between realism and surreal. Always worth the read.

  11. You took me on a vacation to somewhere I have never been. So exotic.

  12. It sounds like a very wonderful time, Grace! Enjoyed your nostalgic write. Merry Christmas to you...and hope you have a good new year too.

  13. We're in the middle of summer here so it was very easy to slip into the atmosphere of your poem. I'm going for a walk to pick avocado pears straight after this.

  14. This is a yummy poem. Reminded me of using a banana leaf as sunshade then umbrella - very effective as both.

  15. You created such a good sense of place in this, Grace. Reminded me of a vacation in Hawaii when I was a teen...when it was still pristine and un-touristy. And also, how when we were young we "created" our own toys from whatever was around...and I have the scars to prove it!

  16. "watch / flower / anything we fancy"...this is a fairy tale moment of a distant time and beautifully sketched Grace...Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year :)

  17. A wonderful flow and magic about this poem. Love it.

  18. What i Love about NatUre
    by human
    hands iS
    iT is trUly
    free verse
    and so
    iS God..
    only humans
    make life anything
    else than free verse
    with science
    minds.. as
    sure i livedevil
    that human
    evilive trap
    sMiLes.. wInks..
    and yes.. i see now
    thAT free verse heRe
    of NaTure iN yoUr
    eYes.. hear..:)

  19. What a gorgeous piece. Thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  20. You've transported me to another time and place in this one; such vivid and tangible images of that sunny tropic, and the free form of the piece only bolsters that! great write

  21. I love this! Just like Ostensible Truth says - you instantly took me to another place, out of the grey and cold we have in Germany today, into the sun and carefree being of a child. It's like a short vacation from everything, a meditation to refill the tanks. I'm in awe of your talent!
    Have a wonderful week, Grace.
    Lots of big hugs to you,

  22. Sounds like a wonderful place. Sometimes I think I wouldn't mind eternal summer! Happy 2016 to you, Grace!

  23. Love it. (Sweet potatoes too.)

    Happy New Year :))

  24. Wonderful....felt like I watched you running around the park
    smelling of guava and
    sugar-fried sweet potatoes...... :-)

  25. Wonderful!! The fragrance of guava and
    sugar-fried sweet potatoes were here.... :-)

  26. Such bright colors and rich words on a cold and dreary day. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!

  27. A wonderful capture of movement and senses. A treat to read!

  28. you've carved deep here. I'm glad to see you visit your bedrock ~


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