Saturday, April 25, 2015

Viva La Pink!

It is not October, but I wear pink
on my sleeve, shade of rose

for the woman whose 1 remaining
breast will be carved out, incised &

cultured for further study, she 
whose smiles never dim in grey spring days

showed me the long stitches running 
her chest like burnt roots of an aging tree-

dead center are the cancer cells

"I don't know when I will be back"
She sways with an easy grace of cherry bloom

I turn to work in my cube, stirred by 
currents greater than my small world can imagine-

What if the cure has no more to give?
Does one forsake medicine to live fully to the last breath?

The day stretches as bows unfurling in sudden gust of cold wind
but I am forever changed by

touch of her courage
in the face of a formidable stone-willed foe-

Posted for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads - Turning Pink ~  In my prior post, I have shared that my office mate will undergo breast surgery next week.   Through her story, I am able to appreciate the journey of breast cancer survivors.

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  1. lovely take on this prompt... My Sis survivor of ten years now... mom of 8... praising God!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought breast cancer, but I think yours is definitely better than mine. It just evokes such powerful feelings! Lovely write!

  3. This is absolutely beautiful...loved how you portrayed the feelings of unease at the thought of breast cancer..!
    Loved the images that have been painted in this poem... it was very innovative to use the reference of the cherry tree! :)

    Lots of love,

  4. Cancer sucks in every way, a great portrayal at your bay

  5. nice poem, thoughtful and caring

    much love...

  6. The strength to continue is amazing.. when it comes back after all those sacrifices it has to be devastating.

  7. Dear Grace
    It is so sad.... you touch a nerve...


  8. Nice telling of the situation, Grace. We, I for sure, needed this as a reminder of how brave these women are. I am glad for them, though, that they took charge before it was too late.

  9. The pink of this poem is pale and fierce, both the courage and the cancer, the tender beauty within. For me the great contrast is between that bow of pink and the awful tree of scars that points to where the cancer is centered. What can any of us do? Sing of it ...

  10. Grace, this is WAY strong. I love this woman's attidude. Your "she of" is a lovely turn of phrase, and her scar - well, that image is almost too real from your words to my mind's eye. I wonder, too, about the dilemma, should I ever face it: What to do? Eschew treatment if it's too advanced anyway? Something tells me I'd rather have time, and some cannabis tea. Thanks for your words. Amy

  11. What if the cure has no more to give?

    Powerful stuff, Grace.

  12. This is overwhelming .. amazing poetry. Wishing your friend well.

  13. A typically beautiful poem on a sombre subject, and full of the love of friendship. I'm saying a prayer for her.

  14. The beauty in such a somber topic. I lost a friend to breast cancer. I pray your office mate will have good results after surgery.

  15. Your poem speaks the hard truth about cancer in a strong and meaningful way. I do hope that the cure DOES have more to give. I wish your friend strength and healing and a long life.

  16. Lovely and sad always I think in that Grace!

  17. This is heartbreaking and amazingly gathered, have such a way with poetry and emotions.

  18. A sad situation, a wonderful reflection on its difficulties. Thanks, Grace. K.

  19. my eyes are prickling with tears. this is stunning and very heartfelt.

  20. Beautifully written. My heart is with the women who continue to fight this battle.

  21. Cancer... maybe it's because I'm getting older but it seems to be everywhere.

  22. Beautifully written - perfect, the description of her stitches in the shape of an aging tree. I like that you honor her courage. No braver people than those battling cancer. I wish her a full recovery.

  23. This was a tough one, grace but you did it well. I think I'd forsake all the medical crap so I could enjoy my last days…maybe. thank you! And, as always, have a beautiful week!

  24. that question in the 3rd to last verse cuts deep ~

  25. I just love the ending 😃😃

  26. I lost a friend last year because of Cancer. We should keep on fighting the battle by awareness and prevention.

    Thanks for this beautifully written poem.

  27. Whew. I had a scare last year, so this cuts deep. Very well done. Prayers for your friend.


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