Wednesday, April 6, 2011

There is something wrong with the scale!

So says my hubby after weighing himself in the bathroom scale and finding himself at 165 pounds.    He has lost 5 pounds during the last 2 months, and he has been eagerly checking if he lost 3 more pounds.    We have recently changed our diet to include more vegetables and salads for meals, and mixed nuts instead of chips and popcorn for snacks.

"How can that be?"   I said and weighed myself.   Not bad at 120 pounds.   "There is nothing wrong with the scale.  Have you forgotten that we ate out for lunch (though we shared the American sized meal)?"

Yesterday, we have taken a day off from work to watch my daughter compete for her Grade 3 Piano Competition. We had not badger or pressure her to win the top prize, as we just wanted her to have this fun experience.  Well, my daughter didn't win first place.   The girl who won this year was elated as she got her medal.   My daughter remembered that she didn't win last year.   I commented that the winner must have worked very hard during the year because she played beautifully this time around.    My daughter, who won last year's first prize, was a bit disappointed but she accepted gracefully her 4th place standing.    In retrospect, she said her teacher didn't fully prepare for this event, and she underestimated her co-players in the competition.    I hope she learned something more than just hitting the right key notes that day.

Sometimes, when things don't go the way we want to, we can look at other reasons why it didn't turn out the way we wanted it.   We can blame the weather, the teacher, the school, the computer, and yes, even the weighing scale, why things are not so picture perfect, or why we didn't get the first place award.  Why... because it is much easier to point at other things and other people, than blaming ourselves for our failures.

On the positive side, we learn from our disappointments and failures.  We learn to try harder next time, and put our best effort in the things that we want to achieve.

Turning now to my hubby, this means less or no snacks at night after dinner for you.   And no, there is nothing wrong with the weighing scale.

Have you ever blamed the weighing scale for your added pounds?

Hope everything is having a good week!

picture credit: toinspireyou.tumblr

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