Thursday, November 12, 2015

Soup for today

a maple leaf falls
on bench, wind-swirled, sun-creased 
I heard a leap of faith  

Grace @ Everyday Amazing

I inhale autumn's air
it is melancholy lilt as sun
browns the last leaf to gold
and russet

I gather fallen cones
cold as red-winged feather
along with decayed blooms
scented with rain

I brace myself for winter's
onslaught but today, i inhale
crisp air deeply like a warm
freshly bubbled soup

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Season of autumn

Grace @ Everyday Amazing

Give me dawn on teacup
Fresh as blueberry jam on toast
My morning weaves cold breath
Bluer than last leaf hanging still

How many more apples will leap
from boughs to wet groundswell
How many more nights will grey geese
bear before it flies away

Darkness is not just a color
It's a veil of silence 
I break it by writing on paper
Calligraphy or ink

I marvel how trees are baring
Their slender limbs & empty pockets
And everywhere the leaves
draw red war paint on their faces 

As if life's party is on streets
And sidewalks, merry parade
Before all the fruits whittled, slushed 
To ground for spring's harvest  

Who is counting the time
Before the sun departs so early
I do, for its autumn
The season of wanting & waiting

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Thursday, November 5, 2015

One lemon(y) afternoon

Grace @ Everyday Amazing

I found tran-
quil(i)ty on bed
of lemon-tarred leaves,
zest-stirred by autumn breeze

My eye-
lids drooped
to slow tick-tock-chuck 
of warm sun(shine) un-ra-vel-- i --- n----- g

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Jambin' with autumn

Grace @ Everyday Amazing

her slowly

cast fiddlesticks to
sky as light bounces trip-

ping edges to fiery red musk
last in-

hale, ex-

drunk-mellow after-
noon sugar-

sweet, this is (y)our last 

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Traveler's heart

Give me 
autumn's billowing wind
Ruffling falling leaves to wet canvas 
I am blue butterfly trifling the wheat fields
Up north, I travel to gaze snow-capped mountains
Down south, I gather shells & listen to sun-lit chimes

I flicker back and forth between cities and seasons
To the east, I drink green tea & feast on pink lotus
To the west, I sip ripe wine & study cathedrals
My luggage is not yet filled of souvenirs
 With colorful shirts and silver spoons 
Like clouds, I will not rest, not yet
For I have a traveler's 

Photo Credit:   Brooke Shaden

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Autumn's sanctuary

Painting by Van Gogh

Her mind collided with confusion, then wilted under strains of faintest music.   She steadied herself for air and read the paper creased with worry lines and self-doubt.   She feels like a stranded ship as she carries the weight of toddler strapped in front of her chest, and a backpack.    She had journeyed the last miles with the world on her shoulders.     

At the distance, she can see the blue-tiled slope of the buildings and trees surrounding the area.   This is what she has come for - haven, a sense of quiet away from red dust streets and smell of burning tires.   She inhales the sun's golden light, aroma of crisp air of autumn and serenity of hummingbirds.   Relief rains over her tired face and steeps into her cold bones.   Warm as father's tight embrace to a prodigal daughter.    

fields of yellow and blue
wave, weave and warble with wind
in autumn's dying light

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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

To the keeper of my nights

When the darkest of your nights come 
And moon hides its slumbering eyes
remember that you are loved

When your thin arms are pierced with pain
See how light climbs and peeks through sky
Even when the night is lit with darkest clouds

Open your palms in gratitude
I am here, beside you
Remember that you are loved

Even when your heart is failing as autumn leaf
And your words are stuttering, asking why
And when the darkness of the night will come 

And end your suffering, hold my hands
Let silence wrap us like seedpods
Remember that you are loved

Our memories comfort us 
like thundering rain on land so dry
When the darkest of your nights came
You remembered that you are loved

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Feast of slimy pumpkins

Yellow moon, black bats, horned owls
Lend us your faces to scare folks 
Waiting for us by door on coldest night
Don't put the candy maker on sick call
We going to sing ghost songs until we are numb

Yellow moon, black bats, horned owls
Cast away the witches' spell, a joke  
We are turning plump as pumpkins
Filled with glee from treat bags haul
We show off our tongues, green with slimy gum

Picture credit:   here

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Song of the Witches

Picture credit:  Colossal

Light a candle, 
Boil water in cauldron 
Measure a cup of trouble
With a pint of sea salt 
Add sprig of mischief
Then skin of slippery eel 
Hair of dead bird 
Blood of piglet
Spice of Devil's dung 

Boil and steam
See white heat froth
As we cackle grackle 
See our faces turning red
As bloody puffy moon
Then the charm is good and fine*

Title and last line from Macbeth's Song of the Witches by William Shakespeare

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The land of giant beavers

carve me
with mighty heart of caribou
under mustard sky
I will fly with northern geese
to settle down with my spears 


we mark trails
crossing the river of hundred fish
the sun is tempest bee
yellowing the fields to maple honey
we cast nets wide in a single wave


we stamp our feet 
to furious beat of sticks and drums 
come to prairie 
where the soil is black 
and every stone is alive with our blood 

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