Monday, October 19, 2020

Autumn Sky


when cold wind settles, blanket

of paraffin wax

on sogging stalks 

                             & petals

i throw my words up in the air

& see how some turn to russet, 


& pumpkin yellow

my eyes see                the magic

fleeting sunburst 

              magnetic pull of

                                    autumnal light

Autumn @EverydayAmazing

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

October pantry


Salt and pepper clouds on pewter sky

Thick marrow, mashed with maple syrup

Pumpkin skinned rhubarb and apple pie 

Drizzled curry and thick cream on vegetable soup

Fallowed leaves on twigs twisted in cinnamon bow

Bitter chocolate, cold wine, pints of sorrow on 

fallen pine cones

Harvested pots of color:   russet, crimson,

lurid yellow, blazing sepia & burnt amber on shelves

Faded photographs of black crows, echoes 

of requiem mass

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Food for the soul


red maple leaves

blazing fire & frisson


this simple soul

quiet space is growing

as autumn grips the sky

copper & russet 

we fall

on bed warmed by hikes

our footprints invisible

by dying sun

Autumn Leaves

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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Hope is a suffix with plexiglass


hope is free

hope is a breeze across an open field

hope is a spoonful

of trouble, laundry detergent & rain clouds

hope is tea

spilling on my hands

steeping my words with prefixes & suffixes

hope is you, 

in you

hope is the sun-

dress, flowers, shine, burst

of glass

when hope is lost

hope is a hoax

hope is not enough

hope is a golf ball

hope is a letter that never arrived

hope is (not) a thing with feathers

that sits on my table with porcelain doll

hope is a verb

hope is a muscle,

lungs, legs, arms, wings, claws, fingers

it is young woman who calls

Animal Services for help, waiting beside  

a convulsing squirrel on the side street

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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Ballad of Jack & the Fish


His name was Jack, trader & trickster

Of perfumes & tarot cards of death

Carrie was young, dolled in her sister's

grey clothes, carrying basket of baby's breath

They met under bony tree, dire of pears

To exchange a letter sealed by candle wax

With a grin, Jack bowed with gentleman's air

And she smiled, preening feathers & flax

Her purse full, she'll meet him by lodging house

Tomorrow when the night is grey silver

And air is wanton whiskey & roasted grouse-

Jack rides off, salivating with thoughts of glitter 

On a flesh cuddly soft as baby

Her swan neck, arching for fool's gold

Wait, what's her name?  Jack's brain was hazy 

His chest were knives, pressed so cold

With these blackouts, he was lost fish

Palm readings to find his landing, so tragic-

Carrie walked towards the market to buy fish

hooks.  Her dagger & cord, ready to work magic

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Monday, October 5, 2020



my tongue is spooning pumpkin soup

      & warm bread 

wrap me 

not with wrath of pandemic's

      second wave

nor with skein of its affliction 

but with blanket

knitted soft as sky of maple leaves

       red-smocked by evening sun 

threading deeper unto shadows 

of trees

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Thursday, October 1, 2020

Woman of the Tree


her ribs came from wood

of sufferings, swollen with moonlit tears

her eyes reflect solitude of woods

her arms softest of fiddlehead ferns

yet her fire from failures

carves her path now

into the next journey,

she is resolute, as her mother

& grandmother have been, welding 

her words to burn at every dawn 

Tree Sculpture at Mississuaga Park

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Appled in the city


i wear my mask & shop in my grocery store

fresh fruits & veggies & locally produced meat 

on top of my list

i inhale the scents, imagining earth's fertile soil

basking in sun, spices & oils

but this routine chore is a madman's maze 

of confusing marketing pitches & items

as i am aware only too well

of what it takes to bring food to my home

there are deceptions at work in the process

to make the fruits super-sized & fresher than they are

to sell meats and milk as organic when they are not

to push for colorful packaging over bland & nutritionless items

at worst, we are vulnerable & misearable as chickens 

packed in industrial farm

I know that i chose this life in the city

so I go on inhaling industrial fumes 

while hopscotching over sugar-laced snacks & drinks

only too aware that others go hungry & live with the

foreshadowing of war above their homes  

i am blessed to protest in my own way

while continuing to educate myself about food safety & fraud 

if you can, speak up to your local community

before we all turn to codified shell-empty flower cuttings

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Keeper of secrets


the days blur in sulfur  

time is raging sky of crimson & smoke

and come nights

your eyes are teacups of insomnia 

the intensity of your secrets eat you

your dreadful premonitions wither you

as if all your life events

are open book somersaulting in street corner

bring the watcher

he is a guardian riding on swallow's wings

he hands over the

key of the moon to


& you 

are hallowed in silence, 

made of candlelight

& cosmic heartbeats

catching feverish dream of cathedrals afloat in the universe

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Monday, September 21, 2020

Choose your spell

when days are stretched taut as strings-

when nights are purpled in turmoil-

remember that you wield

color of your sky-dome

blue as silent lake 

calm as palm of deep forest


grey-metal, sawdust of despair

in storm-drivelled clouds



coaxing sunflower spells

Sunflower by Grace

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