Tuesday, October 17, 2017


The green leaves are still clinging
to boughs
Only the sudden gusts of cold wind
tears the canvas
to a calligraphy of sticks  
beside mulched green apples
pregnant with smell of rain

I marvel the sea of colors-
greens, oranges & burnt browns
filling up the sky, with dots of
orange pumpkins, yellow corn squash-

This season is too short
much like a hurried kiss
pressed between hello & goodbye-
That space
between words,
unaccounted, yet a heavy presence- 

Still autumn never burns
deeply under the skin,
Don't leave me, ever-

Instead, I fall
rolling with the season - 
falling into the piles of dying things- 
entwining with black soil & seeds of spring- 

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Monday, October 16, 2017

We wore black

The world at the other side, is drily chaotic but still a beloved motherland.   I have come for the funeral but it felt like a homecoming.   For myself, I had prayed for peace for my ailing father, and a comforting life for my mother and sisters who have been caring for him. He was a difficult patient who knew his days were numbered. As I arrive at the wake, the traditions of grieving made everything familiar, and  reassuring - flowers, mass cards, consoling words of neighbors and friends, and the prayers for the dead for 9 days.   

Rains came at early morning, cooling the summer-like temperatures during the day.  Dawn was reddish grey, with gloomy skies.   When the rains break, it was steady humming on the roof and small garden.  We were lucky that on the morning of the funeral rites, sky held its peace & only gave away its tears in the late afternoon.

smell of fragrant roses
perks up my nose, but there're no flowers-
only dying candles-

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Monday, October 9, 2017

Thank you for counting the moonbeams with me!

I touched the dark-

and felt the rage of
heavy rains-
intensity of lightning- 
bleakness of shadows-

Yet, I also felt light-

See, up there-
the moon
single flower
blooms with fervor
(not hope)
its silvery sheen 
enough to blaze nightsky- 

Reminding me:

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

What is the c?lor

of the sky 
when the heart is feverish moon
grasping for air, refusing to fade in fire-

of his eyes
when thoughts are noosed in bullets
and every step is unanswered

of the rain
when flood gates open, unmarking
borders, valleys & keys, leveling roofs to

of the sunrise
on the farthest side of galaxy
is it apricot or apple, behind cloudy mist?
or is it a mirror of emptiness, abandoned by dying 

of my pen
when I forget syllables & taste of
pecan tarts & smell of wild red plum  

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Monday, September 18, 2017

I, a watercolor

My words are dark stones, dry and fading at night.  The burdens of city life staining my tongue ash and grey. I soak it in watercolors and river of calm.   I am very much aware that these negative thoughts are transients, like autumn leaves slipping away in the mercurial winds.  Each morning, I decide to paint my thoughts with nature's vibrant brushstrokes.  Why?   Because I know that I can heal myself, restore myself again when I am out of balance.  My writing is therapeutic and as I write positive affirming words, so I am lifted on wings of serenity.   

pumpkin-yellow leaf,
a still canvas of autumn-
gulls fly overhead-

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Thursday, September 7, 2017


Marmalade moon, fading by dawn's light
Allay our fears in these fig-shaped hearts
Garnish with herbs, root spices, sea salt
Impaled stones, melt to mirrors of light 
Cake our way with berries, ripe with stardust

Picture from here

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Monday, September 4, 2017

September musings

A tree clothed in half green, half orange.  Morning sun is muted yellow, as leaves start to fall on field of green and purple wild flowers.   The colors of September are myriad and signals the changing season from long summer days to cooler afternoons.  The sunsets are coming earlier, instead of 9pm, often bringing rains at night.  Amidst faded summer petals, my hardy roses are blooming anew, as if on the second spring. And all because of the evening rain.   

At the home front, I am almost 1/3 empty nest.  Though my youngest is starting university tomorrow, she will be staying home as we live at the border of Toronto City.   She has new laptop, bags, shoes and clothes.  Though she revels in her new surroundings, she is not ready to live on her own, unlike her two older brothers.  She loves the comforts of home cooked meals and nice room.  I am mindful to keep a balance - giving her independence, while widening her boundaries. 

fallen green apples 
litter the rain-soaked ground-
grey-tailed birds perch, swishing-

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Monday, August 28, 2017

a flicker between heartbeats

morning sky is grey hawk
of silence

tides are slow, lapping
white foam, waiting for canoes
to ripple the lake's corners

wildflowers stand on tiptoes
to catch sunlight, ripening peach
with rain-drizzled skin

i inhale deeply
curl of space
whisker of light

At Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park

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Thursday, August 24, 2017

between layers of worksheets

the words are morphing  
to pepper and salt
on drowsy cool afternoon

his mind, a waffle bowl
scoops two ice cream,
topping with chocolate bits, sliced 
peaches, berries & bananas

as sunlight ebbs on street curb
his tongue, dry paper, 
gobbles the sweet treat-

crunching the honey oats 
his thoughts unbound, swirling school 
of fish, gold and green as emerald lake

time to take a break 
& chase dreams with fishing nets

by Riusuke Fukahori

Photo from Colossal

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This is a late response to the Poetics Musical prompt last week by Mish.   I chose:
"Chasing dreams with fishing nets" by Rain Delays, Crash Parallel   

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

monday's train journal

subway train rumbles on
        doors open, chimes

people hop in, and out-
         scarves, hats, jackets,

turbans, shorts, slippers, shoes-
         a sea of hues-

a woman with black veil- 
         pale girl with tattoos- 

an old man, with dirty cart- 
         lad with headphones-

i trace clouds & blue sky
         against gray steel

i am not colorblind,
         there are shades, tints

beyond my sunglasses, 
         borders to scale

in my mind, fenced by words,
         beliefs and faith-

i check them everyday-
         measuring depth,

levels of acidity-
         i seek relief in green

forest, calm acceptance 
         of mother nature-

i pray for roots of empathy, 
         seeds of kindness

to rain whatever hardness 
         is left inside-

slowly, surely, i work
         chipping corners-

here comes my station stop-
         i fold my edges

under red cardigan- 
         the crowd surges, 

giant waves, blurring our
         faces with sands-

Posted for D'verse Poets pub - Border Poetics.  Challenge:  To write about border theme and include the word "border" either in your title or poem. An extra challenge would be to write about the invisible border theme e.g. mental borders or imaginary boundaries.   The form and structure is your choice.

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