Monday, August 14, 2017

I ink flowers on my hand

i have books to green my soul
        rather than wedding ring
i paint words to spark  
        rather donning colorful dress 

i can be   
more than wheelbarrow, a banyan tree 
more than feathers, an arrow for justice

I am not, just 
a girl dreaming

Note:   I watched Daughters of Destiny:  The Journey of Shanti Bhavan, on Netflix.  I am blown away by Shanti Bhavan's mission to break the generational poverty in India by taking children as young as 4 or 5 years from the lower caste "Untouchables" and providing them with education and boarding up to college (17 years of care and financial support). More information on this non-profit mission here.  

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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hiking up to Lake Agnes Tea House

my legs are jars of sand
fear's a spider 
climbing my spine, with last
part:  wooden steps

my breath mirrors shallow
lake on ice-capped
mountain, shimmering blue-
beehive of pines-

my tongue throbs for lake's cool
not warm green tea-
below, panorama
winks, bubbling green

Lake Louise from the middle of the hike up to Lake Agnes Tea House.  The trail took us 2 hours to climp up and 1.5 hours to hike down.
  • Elevation Gain: 400 m (1300 ft)
  • Altitude: 2135 m (7005 ft)

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Postcard from Lake Minnewanka, Banff

early morning sky
shades blue upon blue
-pale turquoise & dark cyan-
shimmering mirror of perfection

we gaze up
-reduced to pebbles- 
by mammoth giants of rocks
cradling the glacier lake

mountains are murmuring
to the spirits of the lake
we listen
-sussuration of tides-
echoes of resort village 
forever submerged in deep darkness

we scan for
footprints of mountain sheep & bears
but only 
lone eagle watches
from stone-hedged tree
its eyes, glittering
-clear as water-
wild as sunrise

Mount Inglismaldie, Lake Minnewanka
"Water of the Spirits"
Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

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During our boat cruise in Lake Minnewanka, we were lucky to spot this beautiful eagle on the tree (top right side of photo).  Thanks for the visit.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Postcard from Medicine Lake, Jasper

Photo by Grace@Everyday Amazing

The Excelsior fire in summer of 2015 left the forest a fragment of its lush vegetation.  Tall skeletal trees, burnt logs and roots, form a silent graveyard.   The rain had stopped the wildfire from wrecking further havoc on the small town of Jasper, Alberta province.   The area is a grim reminder of the harsh realisties of wildfire during summer.  

Around the flanks of the forest, lake rises up to vibrancy during spring and summer. The clouds can be dark from the distance.  But the tides are calm, soothing balm for the place of what was once a firestorm.   What once was a carribou country where the First Nations thrived.   The contrast of lake's startling beauty and emptiness from wildfire surrounding it, is a visual and spiritual experience. The area may not be a tourist perfect area.  Yet here is where life and death intertwined.

cloudy morning
two bald eagles nest on a tree-
wind cries - distant drums -

Photo by Grace@Everyday Amazing
Medicine Lake, Jasper National Park
Alberta, Canada

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

blue summer

the morning sky shimmers, powder
blue, light as flour -
scattered snow clouds
train of lace crowns -

pear trees are breezing open, flutes
ringing with fruits
green, small as thumbs
soon, sweet on tongues

daffodils and white asters sway
peach blossoms splay
summer calls, blurs-
you are not here

Photo credit:  here

Posted for dVerse poets Pub - Form for All, hosted by Frank Hubeny.  Please drop by to learn more about the minute form, starting at 3pm EST. The form requires three stanzas of 20 syllables each. Each stanza has four lines. The first line has 8 syllables and the next three lines have 4 syllables each. If that is not enough constraints, the poem is expected to have end rhymes for the three stanzas that go aabb ccdd eeff.  More information on the dVerse site.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The windows of our memories

the long day shifts, shadows,
calls us, church bells ringing

we chafe, bickering with
each other, reluctant

to let go of summer
games, flowers, dewdrops

we slurp cool water, draw
curtains to the side, breathe

growing silouttes of
twilight, bowstring of hues

as sun finally dips beyond lake,
all our windows opening

to catch the light, we brush
with watercolors in our eyes

to hear murmur of insects
we jar, along with smooth stones

those carefree days have long gone
by distance and choices

i sometimes wonder when
dusk comes, and moon is still-born

if your windows are still 
opening and and listening 

Long window overlooking the back balcony
Good thing the weather was sunny, not rainy.

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Monday, July 17, 2017

cupcakes and almonds

stained this page- 

nibbled while broiling words
in my head

-storm, jar, kick-
between spaces 

i jot some verse

for crash of thunder,
sudden spill of cornflower seeds

skyward, i garnish
with blue, unflickering

i can bear it now-
echoing with(in)

Photo credit:  here

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Happy 6th anniversary dVerse Poets!!!!   Thanks for your support and encouragement!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

graduation blessings

summer sky pours out:
cart of wild berries,
honeycomb of blessings
and a cargo of rain

just enough coolness
to silver the hollowed bowels
of wilted boughs 
and silk tresses of blooming vines

to rustling
of crickets & grasshoppers
teething against the hard wood

to restless
of ravens hiding above
black maple trees

to weighless
flowering of seeds
groaning with anticipation
at every hour passing

deeply to yourself
without haste or sadness
so that this next journey
be a time to find

moving gracefully
as doe on field of golden wheat
hushed by clouds

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Note:  For my youngest child, graduating from high school tonight.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

a sunflower of blessings

early morning sun is a tapestry
of coral pink behind billowing clouds

     may you be nourished
     by raindrops and milkweed
     waltzing through air

     may you be gifted with newness-
     wings of dragonflies, starlight of fireflies
     and voracious appetite of caterpillars

i amble with robins & cardinals 
in the walk to park, too early for the crowd

     may you be serenaded by 
     gentle breeze on water lilies,
     hoots & buzzing of birds & bees

     may the words of healing
     settle on your tongue  
     & grow seeds of kindness  

i sit down on wooden bench
watching a family of ducks, serene by pond
     may your basket be light  
     overflowing with laughter
     and dewy sunflowers 

     may your every departure
     lead you to a great arrival 
     of yourself  
i cross a small wooden bridge over a creek
happy to find my way home


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Monday, June 26, 2017

Haibun: Summer

The sound of the ice cream cart rings a colorful music in the streets.  Children scramble like busy bees to check the flavours of the ice cream and fancy toppings.  I try green ice cream served thick between a fresh bun, instead of a cone.   Soon, my siblings and I will watch a movie and then go to the ice cream house for a banana split.  

Summer is sweet with ice cream in different tropical colors - purple yam, red bean, mango, avocado, coconut, lychee and green tea. With halo-halo as the ultimate dessert, I scoop each milk-flavored shaved ice with gusto. Sweet bananas with tapioca pearls and leche flan (egg custard) are my favorites.  I love the icy sweetness in my mouth. Beats the heat every time.

red roses blossom
into fans with intricate lace-
sun retreats, cool queen-

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