Tuesday, August 16, 2022

earthly home


all around me, earth

filling me with its soft breath

& hardening my skin of rocks 

the salt is my lifeline

the sky is my sea-green world

though i am just an oyster

within me, is home

to a pea crab

within me, is white mountain

of pain

within me, is food & brine

to lavish & cleanse

within me, is forest

of solitude 

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub- Tuesday Poetics - the four elements, hosted by Sarah Connor.  I have chosen the element of earth (the other choices are fire, air and water).  Join us when the pub doors open at 3pm EST.


  1. This is so beautful, Grace. I really like the list elements in the final stanza - such a well-chosen range of images. I feel you've brought all the elements into your earth poem, somehow.

  2. Beautiful! Sigh. You've brought the sea and air into your earth--but of course, they are all connected.

  3. I love this ... ingesting the earth through an oyster's valve. A stellar bite of Earth. My only suggestion would be to put the oyster in the title, why make the reader work to get to the pleasure of the association ....

  4. Ah, each of us a world within ourselves. I love the image of the mountain and lake. it looks like Washington state to me. Is it?

    1. If you are describing my header photo, its from our beautiful province of Alberta, Banff area. Thanks.

  5. So beautiful, Grace, the way you brought all the elements together!

  6. Clever POV, and wonderful message. If God, and one part of the universe is within us, then certainly Earth joins the party.

  7. "within me, is home/ to a pea crab/ within me, is white mountain/ of pain" caught my breath. Your poetry hauntingly poignant as ever

  8. Lovely poem.

    Arcadia Maria

  9. this feels like an evolution of so many experiences, really enjoyed! 👏👏

  10. I loved the perspective of the oyster experiencing the earth. Wonderful symbolism too.

  11. I like the oyster metaphor. Great poem Grace.

  12. So much more to find and experience when we look within. Love the blending of the elements. A gorgeous write.

  13. This is awesome. It was quite a novel experience to identify with an oyster. Your writing really drew me in.

  14. I love how you captured the different textures of earth in the contrasting sounds of the words, Grace, for example ‘earth/breath’ and ‘skin of rocks/salt’, and shifted focus up to the sky and back to the sea.

  15. I love this, Grace. It strikes me as being one of your best. Beautiful images.

  16. Your poem is very beautiful and full of grace ❤️


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