Tuesday, March 1, 2022


The wind beneath us

Misses our sweat, stains & messes

Rinsed in clean water

Scrubbed in soap & bleach

We jiggle & jam to be free 

Instead you pin our shoulders on

Lines with brown clips

Hooked our faces to marvel

The heat from this cloudless day   

Our bows are scattered across

Blues, pinks, blacks & whites

The sky watches the chorus

of birdsongs & buzzing bees

The green in the grass is new

You peer from the window

ready with your basket & starched hands

to fold us over your skin

Cotton-  softly sagging, frayed edges

Linen-  loosely wrinkled, stretched out

Smelling unabashedly - wind-kneaded, sun-baked -

Franz Marc, Flatternde Wรคsche im Wind (1906)

Posted for dVerse Poets Pub - Poetics, March Wind Ekprastic, Hosted by Merril D. Smith.  Thanks for your visits and comments.


  1. I so love the thought of that linen, wind-kneaded sun-baked
    There is nothing better than that scent I think

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous writing, Grace! Wow! I love; "We jiggle & jam to be free/Instead you pin our shoulders on/Lines with brown clips."๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

  3. some wry personification so well employed here -
    "Instead you pin our shoulders on

    Lines with brown clips"

  4. I was hoping that someone would write as you did here a personification of this laundry on the line. So nicely done, Grace. I really love this--I just keeping reading it over!

  5. "You peer from the window
    ready with your basket & starched hands"

    To admire the work well done. Nice one

    Much love...

  6. Evocative writing that so gracefully dances, complimenting Franz Marc's painting!

  7. The personification of clothing hanging on the line is a delight!!! Of course, they have feelings.

  8. Beautiful ekphrastic essence captured here.

  9. A wonderful personification. As light as the clothes floating on the breeze.

  10. Wind kneaded, sun baked… such a sweet clean fragrance. Excellent Grace

  11. “ Smelling unabashedly - wind-kneaded, sun-baked -”
    Oh goodness. I know and still love this scent. Made my toes curl to read this.
    And the clothes on the line know it. How amazing is this. Thank you. ๐Ÿ‘

  12. The fragrance of freshly laundered clothes came out so beautifully in your words, Grace!

  13. We all remember that smell of wind-dried laundry, yet everyone aspires to a machine drier instead, even people with gardens. Don't understand it.

  14. Love the sensations and turns of phrase in this, Grace. My favourites:

    "We jiggle & jam to be free"

    "wind-kneaded, sun-baked"


  15. You captured all the sights, sounds and textures of this laundry swaying lively in the breeze!

  16. Who doesn't appreciate fresh laundry that's been "wind-kneaded" and "sun-baked" ?! I like how you wrote this from the clothing's point of view, Grace :)

  17. Scented poetry, demanding to be free...intricately woven under the watchful sky...beautiful verse..


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