Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Through the lens of grandparents

my fingers trace fluffy clouds
on blankets for furry warmth
the bed sheets are milky fresh
washed with hypoallergenic soap
per instructions of your parents
who are out on a much needed movie date

i put you to sleep on bed
your thighs are sandy rough 
a reaction by your very sensitive skin
(a phase, we are assured, that you will pass)
your body, soft pillow
of all our remembered youthful times 
at 4 months old
you kick your legs vigorously
testing strength against cocoon of blanket
your face easily reds
from scratching the dry skin

it does not matter to us
your innocent eyes & smile are
the light from the stars
the magic of our summer days  

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  1. This is lovely Grace, what a blessing to be able to care for a grandchild like that... the sensitive skin and how you care for the sheets... I hope he slept well after kicking..

  2. soft pillow
    of all our remembered youthful times

    that's a lovely phrase. I like the different textures you evoke, and the overall feeling of tenderness. You capture the essence of looking after a baby so well.

  3. With our 8 grandchildren, my wife gets that Gramm rush regularly; oldest is 9, youngest is 8 months. Grandparenting, what a reality; smile.

  4. Nice lines: "your innocent eyes & smile are
    the light from the stars"

  5. "you kick your legs vigorously
    testing strength against cocoon of blanket"

    Oh my gosh, I miss that! They do it so hard, too. :)


  6. You have expressed my feelings in this poem, Grace, from one grandmother to another! I love the 'soft pillow / of all our remembered youthful times' and 'your innocent eyes & smile are
    / the light from the stars / the magic of our summer days'.

  7. Sure captured it all indeed. Hopefully no crying was had after the kicking. Thankfully when I babysit they go to sleep without it haha

  8. Beautifully written, Grace. We too have a grandchild with sensitive skin - could relate. Such precious moments.

  9. Beautifully crafted, with so many sensual, tactile images!

  10. A wonderful poem of feeling and touch. Babies and blankets what beautiful feelings.

  11. Grace this was tender and csptivating. I am PaPa to one wonderful grandson, so I get the feeelings... :-)

  12. Tender, sweet poem. I have yet to be a grandmother. If it does happen, I hope I am not too tired to enjoy it.

  13. I can feel the heart of a grandparent in your words. Their little legs do like to test boundaries.

    you kick your legs vigorously
    testing strength against cocoon of blanket

  14. Ah... the joy of being a grandparent. People (friends and relative included) have been telling me that while their own kids were wonderful, grandchildren are simply in a different level of awesome. Your poem shows how smitten you are with your grandchild. :-)

  15. Touching poem and catching well those moments when grandchildren as well as bringing us joy, also put us in touch with the our past

  16. Hmm.. i can't even stand to
    Imagine touching Human
    Made Materials so
    i am patiently
    Waiting for
    to Poetically Speak
    More About Touching
    Nature More With SMiLES..;)

  17. A lens that not all are blessed to look through. You've captured the concern and the joy.The sense of rough skin and frustration highlights the soft surroundings.Comforting with the love this piece contains.

  18. What a great tribute to being a grandparent. Love the details.


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