Monday, June 13, 2016

Morning's spell

color the morning cucumber-green
drench air fragrant as newly sliced cantaloupe
purple blooms wave at cardinals & inquisitive squirrels

i inhale deeply
some days are not like this

I gather summer-wild flowers 
spill sunlight on my arms
& pepper my day with vanilla scents

Cress Wildflowers

Posted for D'verse Poets Pub - Quadrille - 44 word post with the word SPILL.

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  1. Oh how delightful is this spill of fragrance from you! Just totally delightful.

  2. Such a delight. You've woven in the sense of smell so well.

  3. I really love the sense of summer in this... love the sunshine spilled on arms.

  4. Thank you for a beauteous sidebar from the darkness of today's news. You are bang on that when a joyful day presents itself to us, we need to take heed.

  5. Oh, Grace. For some reason, this brings tears:
    "some days are not like this"

    ...between the Orlando news (which I did not fully get until getting back last night from being out of town), and being caught in the traffic aftermath/highway closure of a terrible double fatality accident on the way home...every moment is really so precious. And some days are spilled and peppered just right.

  6. "some days are not like this"

    Taking in the tears for the tragedy of Orlando yesterday morning then tears for the beauty of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s sonnet the Tony Awards last night - your words encompass the range.

  7. Some days aren't indeed, have to enjoy them when we can

  8. What I think is really well done in this poem is your use of color. This just sounds so bright and welcoming.

  9. "some days aren't like this" <-- a captivating phrase !

  10. Sounds like the perfect morning.

  11. Beautiful use of color and spice in this, Grace. I like "some days are not like this." No, many are not. I could almost smell the green...

  12. A beautiful, refreshing image of morning ,especially "cucumber-green" and cantaloupe :)

  13. You've captured a beautiful summer's day, which as fleeting as some days are, we should really pay heed to the wonderful ones.

  14. We have to take pleasures where we can find them as the world is all to willing to give us the pain.

  15. That's a morning I would love to have!

  16. An uplifting and positive start to the morning. I love this.. "pepper my day with vanilla scents".

  17. "spill sunlight on my arms
    & pepper my day with vanilla scents"

    ~spill some on mine too, please!! Great one, Grace.

  18. Such a fresh and fragrant poem, Grace! It's made my morning.

  19. sunshine and the smell of vanilla - great!

  20. Ah! Great to spill sunshine & start days with fragrance :)

  21. A very sensual poem - evoking every sense that moment brings. Sweetly done, Grace!

  22. The smells and sights are wonderful and days are not always like this Grace!

  23. The smells and sights are wonderful and days are not always like this Grace!

  24. NatUre spills no words
    of fear/hate.. Nature other than
    wE haS no Words aT aLL
    tHeReforE.. tHe spiLLinG
    oF words oNto
    paper to
    worship above
    Nature IS A
    origin and
    FaLL oF HumanKiNd
    aWay FroM NaTure
    aka God...
    Apple Tree..
    BrancheS now
    aPPle wHOle
    without hUman
    words of Fear and
    Hate in Naked shAMe
    wHolE NoW..
    aS NatuReS OnE..:)

  25. This is summery, a real mood-lifter!

  26. Like the idea Grace, of compatibility of nature's greenery to little animals on a friendly and peaceful basis.


  27. The hidden truth in your word some days are not like this a reminder of the sadness in the world. I am all for spilling sunlight on my arms in fact I wouldn't mind gathering a jar of sunlight to help me through the dark times.

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  29. Sounds like the morning has all the lovely, summery notes :)


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