Saturday, March 24, 2012


eyes behind thick lens,
he practiced long measured steps,
enduring silence 


running briskly to
yellow line, endurance pounds 
one second harder


there are no white flags
nor finish lines,  beginnings
draw out endurance    

Posted for Haiku Heights:   Endurance
and Haiku My Heart


  1. I can almost feel the personality of the man behind the thick lens!

  2. An excellent subject and beautiful lines.

  3. When I saw that you had visited my blog, I said, "Oh yes, that's the one that wrote about the highway, the bridge" I came over to read, then scrolled down and read more. You are quite a poet. The award is well deserved. It has only been a little over a year since I wrote my first haiku with the urging of Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon, sponsor of Haiku My Heart. All of yours seem from the heart. It's soothing here, and peaceful. Thanks for sharing.
    Now, one question. That bowl of cereal photo in the post below this one, (corn flakes I'm guessing). the coffee cup is turned upside down. You must be one special commuter not to need a Cup 'O Joe before your drive to work. Tell me the travel mug was full.

    Much Peace

  4. Grace, this is lovely!
    Happy Weekend :)

  5. hey,where's Heaven and who is this Grace? :PPP
    Today's poem was a bit of a sad one.

  6. it is what we do when there are no finish lines or white flags that def affect the outcomes later....

    1. I agree with you Brian. Thanks for the visit ~

  7. Really beautiful, Grace... and I agree with Brian.

  8. Really nice haikus, love the last one- speaks a universal truth and something we should consider. Great job Grace. Thanks

  9. Beautiful Grace!
    It is these moments that define us~
    This line speaks to me the most:

    draw out endurance"

    Powerful insight!

  10. With nothing but ourselves to push us on, we do get a good glimpse into ourselves, great thoughts.

  11. It's sometimes a long road. Nicely done.

  12. Lovely haiku ~ and photo is perfect for them ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  13. All were nicely put together and the first had a particularly strong resonance, I thought.

  14. "he practiced long measured steps,
    enduring silence"

    That's relevant to modern living, Grace! We do our own thing not bothering others. We enjoy what life offers or just suffer in silence!


  15. Oh, to walk on that road on a Spring day... I love your haiku!

  16. Wonderful haiku...there is always a finish line of some sort...something we must endure to cross that line.

  17. That's quite a picture to imagine through your words.

    Sorry for the late visit. My internet was acting up. Have great week.

  18. I enjoyed your set of Haiku very much. My favourite is the last. " beginnings
    draw out endurance" They certainly do.

  19. Great and insighful, Grace! I like them all.

  20. I wonder if those who begin know that they will develop endurance if they keep going step by step by step...

    Poppies Lack Endurance


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